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  1. he done it again, using t-ara as a promotional tool for the new group...i do not like that at all, doesn't sound right to me
  2. Lazy, Harmful ? How dare you speak like that about our angels? You just sit there, watch them working their ass out in order to get u money, and then you said this to them? Ur surely dead meat if i have a chance meeting you in real life.
  3. they are the angels in the music industry as well as in our hearts....really thankful to be your fans.Hope they will still together forever, just like now
  4. god damn it. It's really hard for them to gain all these attention and rising popularity just now and CCM is going to throw it away...Just waiting for April, at that time he will be either my hero or my enemy for life, that for sure
  5. lol they must be happy right now...congrats girls, u really deserve it :x
  6. happy for them \m/ hope they will continue this winning track until their holiday
  7. LOL soyeon's fans are soyeons =) all of the three messages were really touching and sincerely, especially soyeon's one. She even took care and watched us. waiting for your awesome leadership, soyeonie Thanks for posting this
  8. one of the news that i would like to hear the most during these days...Anyway, have a nice vacation girls, hope they will enjoy it
  9. 7 is perfect, just the way they are ) i don't want to add any members
  10. totally love these girls...All of them are working so hard in order to satisfy diadems. So, we have to make sure that these girls will get some awards in ld promotion
  11. fell for so yeon again, even though she's my bias. Can't deny she rocks the stage
  12. OMG, he destroys eunjung and now my hyomin =(( can't believe that guy is so lucky
  13. what a cutie...now i'm officially jealous of seungho because of their 8-year friendship T T
  14. hope they will get some time to rest.maybe make a comeback later than usual :-?
  15. too little close-up scences nevertheless, fantastic stage
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