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  1. And once again, another song in the Talent Center, check it out for me :)

  2. New song again! Go check out at the Talent Center section on Diadem! :D

  3. I have the Paris and Swiss and I think it was completely worth the money, It was cheaper than my textbooks yet It is bigger than them and I spend more time on the photobook than my textbooks I also have the Best of the Best Album that came with the photobook and I recommend that one too, The pages on both photobooks feel nice, although I admit the best of the best photobook feels smoother. Either way I recommend both All in all, if your looking to feed your eyes I would recommend the Paris and Swiss Photobook and If your looking to reminisce with your ears from the beginning of T-ara and haven't been able to afford all the albums then I recommend the Best of the Best Album. Yes I agree Haha hopefully this will tempt you all Anyways, enough of my long-ish post, I hope it has contributed to helping you guys pick whether or not to buy these photobooks
  4. Finished the song finally! Go check it out at the fan centre! :)

  5. Currently working on a new song for Jiyeon/T-ara :)

  6. Ahh first picture Soyeon looks so cute and Jiyeon so beautiful! She's the first girl to wink at me with her legs Hahaha cause her pants, so cute!
  7. Ahh I was just there in May!! :'( I was in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and in KK (Kota Kinabalu) visiting family lol I'll tell them to go attend and get something signed for me hahaha but that's good that they have decided to go to malaysia right after hong kong being so successful! I hope malaysia will be just as successful and the Asia tour too so CCM will send them on a world tour
  8. It would be awesome if they could come to Canada, If they could have a concert in Canada I would do everything I can to go and attend But if they do have a concert in Singapore I guess I'm visiting my Aunt and cousins there sooner than I planned And that is great news that T-ara are getting such good feedback from their Hong Kong Concert, I'm proud of our girls! This is the affection, trust, and loyalty that they need right now, to know that we are always behind them no matter what happens
  9. Can't wait for my Mirage Album to come next week!

  10. Leaving soon so I think I'm going to donate towards Hyoming and Jiyeon's birthday project before I leave on saturday!

  11. I just went on the site, It's impossible to make an account for international fans, cause when you sign up, I got through most of it (ID Password, nickname, email Etc.) but after I got to a box where I had to enter my address, and that would probably mean an address in Korea.. Where I don't live.. So I guess I'll just have to wait for the scans to be posted somewhere! cause if there are only 300 being made then that will be all sold in korea before it even gets the chance to come out to us :' (
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