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  1. RT @sherylrubior28: https://t.co/xDflzCcKlj amigos necesito de su ayuda! Solo deben darle like a este vídeo por fa

  2. RT @Steebiie: Zippyshare doesn't count towards Billboard I'm afraid. https://t.co/dlmuQOiQeu

  3. RT @MarriageGoaIs: they make me wanna be married with kids so bad https://t.co/96oQA5iBdo

  4. 8 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with https://t.co/wqgSTlhoQa

  5. God bless the hotties

  6. 二人の想い出忘れてしまう前に gimme a time machine

  7. RT @TheShadyFacts: Britney Spears is the only SOLO female pop star from the 90's to get a #1 single this decade!

  8. RT @AriannaTomala: What would Blair Waldorf do?

  9. 7 new unfollowers and 3 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last week. Via https://t.co/wqgSTlhoQa

  10. Regresar al lugar donde todo empezó. (@ Orizaba, Veracruz) https://t.co/99iENqQK5W

  11. Espero que sea la última

  12. RT @dannapaola: This is just the beginning. I love surprises.

  13. RT @hwangbooty: I spy with my little eyes https://t.co/Dm3Sj8MMr0

  14. @gabolojero creo que estoy enamorado

  15. RT @tyrabnks: I am so excited for Sunday, can't wait to see you perform Breathe On Me & Touch Of My Hand on national television @BritneySpe…

  16. Stats for the week have arrived. 4 new followers and 2 unfollowers via https://t.co/wqgSTlhoQa.

  17. everything was grey, his hair, his smoke, his dreams

  18. RT @dannapaola: Ando bien feliz

  19. my very own britney circa 2007 blackout era is here now

  20. I really enjoyed this song, the drama version looks like a cheap version of a Ke$ha MV but the dance version is good.
  21. snsd are currently touring japan & tiffany's family is in the us so xxxx north korea & their nuclear xxxx.

  22. The day I watched 'Chiquis in control' I knew I had some issues with reality shows.

  23. "I'm gonna move to canada or wherever y'know pot & sucking xxxx is legal because that's what I'm all about"

  24. Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground: http://t.co/aBKBFgso

  25. First you don't give a xxxx and now you're mad cuz I said I liked someone else more than you.. smh ._.

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