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  1. wow.members of T-ara is reallly suit in acting..Eunjung,Jiyeon, Hyomin.They are totally great in acting. I anticipate other member when they go to acting..T ara fighting
  2. I believe if they can sell more than 500,000 copies .. t-ara do the best!! Hwaiting
  3. i don't think they need this promise to sell 500,00 copies.. they can sell even more!! t-ara fighting! they should have just held an ASIAN TOUR next year!!
  4. Another exciting step for them! Any word on the other two 'members' and if they'll be part of this fanclub opening?
  5. so awesome, thank you so much, this episode is is the best.. so awesome, thank you so much, this episode is is the best.. way to go gals! Good job! It just shows how popular t-ara are among fans!
  6. Sad news. I hope the robber gets caught and arrested because it's not nice to make a girl cry
  7. CCM giving them career opportunities for the time when some members are thrown out of the group.
  8. Eunjung & Jiyeon wow they look awesome.. T ara are very2 beautiful.
  9. daebak...!!! Jiyeon act the best inside.. I'm curious who will become jiyeon's Couple at last... And Hoping for JIyeon's Kissing scene soon... LOL
  10. they're like walking dolls, beautiful as always I envy those fans that got their signs though
  11. thx for sharing this.. i really enjot watching this series.. t-ara do look as cute as the moon brothers.. especially jiyeon.. huu.. i'd wish there will be a miracle that i could take care of here even for one day.. t-ara hwaiting!!!! i love soeyeon & eunjung very much, she so funny and pretty,
  12. Thanks for the pics!!! lol omg i im loving hyomins wink so much im glad to see that eunjung is back performing with t-ara again!
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