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  1. thanks for the translation,,,no matter how the result coz the haters will be the haters but it show us that Hwayoung still care bout T-ara,,,hopefully they can support each other in the future,,,
  2. hopefully the girls is being relocated in the place far far away from this chaos,,,for their own peace of mind,,,stupid persons who will believe those kind of news,,,,unless if the person who writte it also write it down his/her name cleary other than that so it definitely HOAX,,,you can not trace or confirm whether its true or not if its ONLY HOAX...........
  3. Somebody pleaseeeee,,,pleaseee find a good doctor for KKS,,,it seems that he already insane n loosing his mind,,playing as if T-ara n his staffs as his toys,,,
  4. qeqeqeqeeqe....someone should write script about t-ara drama,,,i'm sure it will make a huge hit...T-ara Fighting...
  5. i think hwa young can save clarify the rumour if she is really good person..i mean despite if its true or not whether members bullyg her or she is the true diva-ish... come on,,,the members already put their ass for years to have their own solo concert..but because of it *hwayoung issue* it would destroy not only their hardwork but also their hope,,,i know she is a hardworker also,,she must think about it... if she's not do something then me my self would be very disappoint with her,,coz it seems she wants to drag not just the members but everyone who put their hardwork down with her...
  6. lets pray for the rest member too...coz right now they all gonna have rough times,,i knew that our girls couldn't be possible to y bullying but only do pranks as joke,,, i can imagine these few days eunjung and jiyeon is the hardest since both of them has sincere heart,,,EUNJUNG & JIYEON FIGHTING,,,,STOP CRYING,,,
  7. why T-ara must tru' the hardway with KKS,,,why cant they ditch him,,whether its true or not they T-ara did bullying the maknae, KKS should cover it and find the solution without bring down T-ara's image,,,and make them learn from it without the whole world know it.. I really have no clue is it true or not about the bullying rumours ,,maybe it was just their ways to venting their emotion, the disapointment because hwa cant join them for next concert due the injury after months due the practice etc... kind of suspicious too why didn't Hwa just thank to her fans and family not also da members or why none of the members retweet her or tweet something to if finally hwa made decision leaving the group but whatever it is,,i really looking forward the explanation from the members not CCM or KKS about the rumour,,DAMNNN I HATE BULLYING things...if it's true that they bullying da maknae i hope they will conciously admit it and apologize to her,,but of course i hope it's soooo notttt trueeeeee... 2 years is not really short time but not long also,,you must felt something after spending 2 years under the same roof, seeing and do some activity almost everyday,,i believe it even took a month to adjust and bonding with other if you basicly live under da same roof and do some activity together.... I dont know which one is worst,,Hwayoung act tru' her twitter, da member's act or the management,,,LOL,,,who am i kidding here??? of course the worst is the management,,hopefully T-ara still stick together and learn from their mistake,,find new management.. now let's cooling down and waiting what kind of statement that CCM will anounce tomorrow...watching and reading T-ara's news is kind like a drama that full of intrigues...it's always up and down so quickly,,,like riding roller coaster...qeqeqeqe....is there anyone in here feels like i do???
  8. feel so sorry for eunjung,,but why the hell there's no protection for the girls????? lucky it was only get robbed,,but what if something worse happened?? CCM should protect them not just put the girls into insurance of something.... and why the hell they put those lot of cash???????? JUNGIEEE FIGHTINGGGG,,,,it surely not your fault,,,,
  9. proud to be your fans...always care and have warm heart...4 tumbs up....
  10. bhbuhahahahahhaa,,,,,10 hours...i wonder Eunjung's reaction if it jiyeon who asked her that...how long would it be untill she say yes... enjoyy your vacation....those are beautiful countries....
  11. CCM really tricky,,once not long ago but i still remember clearly there were rumours that T-ara would have new member,,but they denied it,,,i think they just covered it up untill she/they ready to be T-ara member...and now they announce it!!!! well hopefully this news wont effect their vacation....
  12. 9 is tooo mucchhhh....heloowww he wants it to be like SNSD???....geeeezz...t-ara has gain the popularity and i believe the will soon replace SNSD as no 1 GG....they already perfect by 7,,i luv their interaction by one and another,,,
  13. thx for sharing,,,but jiyeon looks so tired,,,hopefully she'll get rest long enough before continuing to work...
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