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  1. aaaawwww they should sleep more and awww tmrw is the last ep
  2. yayaya love the part with iu and jiyeon in it
  3. seriously the orcestera sucks ccm should of used that money to inprove the mv instead of delaying it
  4. omg so excited aww wish there was english subs instead of watching it raw
  5. oh no how did jiyeon break her nose? why isn't there a acticle about it?
  6. the dance version was not as good as I expected it looks weird and it doesnt match with the music plus wats more shocking is that the choreography is by beyonce's choreographer however if its t-ara dancing it doesnt matter
  7. lol obvious it would be eungjung taking out jiyeon. jiyeon get well soon!!!!
  8. yes it came out awww i was lookin gofrward of iu and jiyeon
  9. when is the show coming out? cant wait for the show!!!
  10. when will t-ara shake come out? so excited checking app store everyday now
  11. omg jiyeon's so cute and pretty!! so jealous!!!!!!!thanks for sharin it this quickly
  12. yes and awww i was hopin jiyeon was the main main character
  13. omg yes cant rlly accept hwayoung yet y add another one
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