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  1. Noooooooo! I'm so pissed. Calling T-ara lazy and arrogant?? They are surely one of the most hard-working groups out there. He's also breaking up the group bond. Maybe he thinks it'll be harder for the girls to unite and go against the agency then? I wish T-ara would sue CCM like Kara did with their agency. Even adding members doesn't make sense because the group as 7 members is established. Ironically he wants them to be like SNSD, but what makes SNSD special is the group bond, where every member is important, take out one member and it wouldn't be SNSD anymore. By constantly taking and adding members it'll never work.
  2. Both are really lucky: Fu Xinbo is very hot and Hyomin is so gorgeous. Bah I'm so gonna ship this couple. China will love Hyomin, she's got the look they really like.
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