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  1. We'll eager await for the link and tutorial to be posted. Thanks for updating. Cheers.
  2. Kim Kwang Soo will be tagged the South Korean K-Pop History's most idiotic CEO ever: "The one who brought up a fantastic group and destroys it in just a blink of an eye"
  3. Go to hell CCM, especially you, KIM KWANG SOO. You *******~!!
  4. So true, like you said it, I couldn't agree more, friend. Some morons out there think one can be popular just by pure talents??? There are so many talented junior groups out there that mastered both vocal and dancing. But do you see them raised rapidly like the rest? NO Of Course~!! Most of them gained popularity through Dramas, Variety/Reality programs. That's the Fact. Like come on guys, all of us fans who followed T-ara from the day they debuted as a 6 member group. When did you guys ever see BORAM or QRI being placed individually in any Variety/Reality Shows??? Only Eunjung(WGM), Hyomin(Invincible Youth S1), Jiyeon(Hero), and finally Soyeon (100 Points Out Of 100 a.k.a. Oh My School; this took CCM long enough to decide placing Soyeon in a Variety show...= =''). Like Soyeon was the Main Vocalist. She was also one of the least popular group members. But after doing her best in "Oh My Shool / 100 Points Out Of 100" she gradually gain more popularity. I started liking her even more after that show. Only Qri, Boram and Hwayoung weren't given any "Individual" opportunities to shine. If they were placed alone individually in a Variety/Reality show. To do their best and not to get edited out by the PDs, they will do what ever it takes to survive in that. So definitely it's their Stupid CEO and CCM fault. Go screw yourselves, Kim Kwang Soo, and CCM.
  5. They should change their CEO. This is the worst and stupidest announcement from a CEO ever. A serious Big No No for any changes made to T-ara. T-ara is complete now, all 7 of them. Each is unique, shouldn't make any more changes please. Damn you Kim Kwang Soo Moron.
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