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  1. yah!!! how can the ccm think about this kind of plan!!!!!!!!!??? are they crazy??? a child??? they didn't think the sacrifice the original members gave them.. and of course the thousand of tonnes of money they gave for the company.. why they can't think of that.. they only decide for the benifit of themselves.. not caring what their talent would feel if they really want t-ara to excel on their talents.. the solution should be a voice or dance lessons or any activity to improve what they have .not an additional member for the group that they have to adjust again and again.. and most of all not a competition within the group!!!.. T-ARA couldn't enjoy what they are doing when they know there is a chance they can be evicted on the group.. and the fans cannot enjoy everything thinking that their favorite girl group are not happy!!!!.. aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!commonsense kks!!!!!
  2. whoa!!!! they're soooo freaking hot!!!! ... especially jiyeon and hyomin...
  3. whoa deabak!!! jiyeon's voice so captivating.. i'm melting.. her voice so lovely.. gosh.. this two are very good performer...
  4. the new leader of T-ARA have spoken..it means.. they really need a vacation..please give them a vacation.. and a day-off once a week to rest and have fun.. they were doing all what you want them to do.. they deserve a reward for that.. hope the president and the other head of ccm would do something regarding this issue!..... T-ARA FIGHTING!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  5. don't worry Qri.. there will be many offers that will come your way.. at the right time.. and at right moment... T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  7. daebak!!! T-ARA MUSIC is the best.. everytime i hear their song yayaya.. roly poly, lovey dovey and cry cry.. it runs on my mind until the end of the day.. .. hahaha LSS.. lol.. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  8. whoa!!!! she's so stunning!!! simple clothes but really sexy!!! she's the best dancer ever!!! JIYEON FIGHTING!!! GOD BLESS!!!
  9. whoa!!! they were all beautiful... especiall my bias JIYEON-shi... hahaha.. T-ARA FIGHTING!! GOD BLESS!!!
  10. she's so cute on the 2nd pic. ..want to pinch her cheeks.. so cute!!!! love her smile!!! JIYEON FIGHTING!!! GOD BLESS!!
  11. it's great when you see different girl groups together..having a friendly competition.. in this way they make friends with one another!!!!.. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  12. good job girls!!!! that's GIRL POWER!!! finally they'll have an official fan-club !!! .. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!
  13. let's support our favorite korean girl group!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS T-ARA!!! you deserve all the awards for your hard word and talent... keep it up!!! GOD BLESS!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!
  15. for the first time it was released before the scheduled date!!! CCM.. you're improving.. hahaha thank you for answering the fans request!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!
  16. she's so pretty!!!! love her so much.. whether shes angry,or happy... her facial expression is still cute!!!! love this beautiful maknae!!! JIYEON FIGHTING!!! GOD BLESS!!!
  17. whoa!!! they're so beautiful specially jiyeon she matured a lot but still so gorgeous!!! love her eyes!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  18. CCM please release all the music video t-ara made.. they spend a lot of effort on making that.. we will support it all !!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  19. wow!!!! so stunning!!!! ... she's really a lady now!!! .. makes me think of the cute maknae of t-ara..hahaha.. but she grows more beautiful!!! .. from the 3 member of hershe.. shes definitely captures anyones attention... she's so gorgeous .. JIYEON FIGHTING!!! GOD BLESS!!!
  20. jiyeon is so pretty!!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!! GOD BLESS MORE POWER!!! you deserve it guys!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  21. wow!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS T-ARA!!! keep it up!!! saranghae... GOD BLESS FIGHTING!!!
  22. i'm curious on what will happen if the three will face each other.. it's nonsense that he's angry with what jiyeon and soyeon said.. in the first place he didn't take his part seriously as eunjung's husband anyway.. is it because his ego was hurt???.. hahahaha
  23. CONGRATS T-ARA!!! you deserves to win.. HWAITING!!!! ... wow! they're so busy they have to leave after the performance? T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
  24. JIYEON's acting in this drama video is so brilliant... she's a multi-talented singer-actress!!!! love her so much!!! he music video is so long but worth watching from cry-cry to lovey dovey!!! the concept was great!! T-ARA HWAITING!!!!
  25. wow!!! i think many people will ride the subway now.. please let T-ARA win!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!! God Bless!!
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