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  1. i cant wait to see their comeback........ miss them so much.. i mean as T-ara not the sub unit
  2. hurmmm wiz khalifa.... i just hope they will do better and be happy
  3. cant wait to see them...6 original members... i hope to see eunjung with her long hair.. again
  4. wow... Qriiiiii ! ! cute and pretty leader ! hahaha after this it is jiyeon's turn...
  5. what is this?? are they joking?? okay fine, just let T-ara with the 6 original members.. i am happy to see them.. i do love areum but CCM is too much !
  6. I cant accept this..... it is ridiculous... T-ara is just fine with 7 members.. adding?? maybe i can accept..but changing?? NEVER
  7. congrate Soyeon unnie.... U will become more busier since u have to take care about all members ^^
  8. It gonna be hit... wow... They look cool..Eunjung looks so sexy and cool
  9. wow....i think Dream High2 will become huge success...LOL..... i will waiting for it
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