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  1. I’m so happy for Eunjung, acting is our Eunjung & Jiyeon passion beside T-ara activity, after Jiyeon got a role in Chinese Korean movie, now it’s the time to our baekgu to show her charm as actress, i can’t wait to watch both Jiyeon & Eunjung acting in their movie & drama. Please take care your healthy, coz you’ll also busy with comeback activity.
  2. Good news, i really hope slowly but sure our girls will receive korean attention & positif feedback, coz they deserve it.
  3. Hi, I've sent payment through a bank yesterday. Can you help me, which button do i press to fill out a form in a thread?
  4. For oversea queens, can we register with english booking sign up in yes24ticket? Can we use our name (not translate it to hangul)?
  5. In this situation, hopefully they come together and support each other. I'm glad they are now in their families, at least there are people who genuinely love them, I think this is also encourage them.
  6. In difficult circumstances we know who the real friends, thank you Jaemin to give an opinion about Eunjung, I hope more celebrity friends who do the same thing, give support and encouragement T-ara.
  7. When many people are afraid to speak out to defend T-ara, Jo Harang bravely defended T-ara, I'm glad there are those who defend T-ara.
  8. I'm also not going to watch Five Fingers if Eunjung not play in that drama.
  9. I'm very happy, finally Soyeon debut as an actress. Let's support all T-ara members's dramas.
  10. I feel excited about their futuristic 20-minute music video drama. "Day by day" song sounded good, though sadly impressed.
  11. She look alike Davichi Kang Minkyung. Have you video when she was singing? I've seen the link, but i haven't had time to watch it.
  12. This is good news if they don't have a busy promo schedule. I always look forward, Jiyeon had a chance to act (in drama or film) in addition to her work with T-ara. But I hope, she still had time to rest and always healthy.
  13. Where i can drop comment, i want have a change to have that photobook too. Can someone share the link, please.
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