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  1. Twitter should take legal action against CCM for lying about the hacking of Twitter accounts. By lying about the hacking, CCM is tarnishing the security and reputation of Twitter.
  2. I doubt Hwayoung will return. KKS has hurt her and her family. Check Hwayoung's sisters twitter page, she still seems confused. https://twitter.com/Rhy93/
  3. Who will you support now? When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going
  4. Hwayoung might not have the financial backing to take KKS to court.
  5. I feel sorry for Hwayoung's family. Her sister is completely speechless:
  6. We all need to look at the bigger picture here. T-ara is still alive.
  7. Realistically, there are 3 possible outcomes and knowing KKS, either of the following will happen: 1- T-ara disbands. 2- Hwayoung gets kicked out. What we know: - The members do not want to leave T-ara. - There's been a member bust-up within the group. What we don't know: - The real reason behind the 'bust-up.'. I refuse to believe that the whole problem is because some members are questioning another members ''dedication and commitment.'' That is absolutely rubbish and makes no sense at all. There is something else going on behind closed doors and we don't know what....or do we? Let's rewind a little and think of any problems that might have effected T-ara and KKS. The first thing that comes to mind is the 'Wardrobe Malfunction' which directly involved non-other than Hwayoung. Everyone knows that KKS was not happy about it and wanted something done. If he took action against Hwayoung at the time, the KPOP industry would have destroyed him. What makes sense is to wait around and manufacture a problem which will allow him to take some form of action without facing the consequences. Right now, we are seeing KKS manoeuvres in eliminating his problem, Hwayoung. This is the perfect opportunity for him to get rid of Hwayoung. KKS could simply say that there was trouble within the group and he needed to take some action. As simple as that. If we believe that all this is happening because of ''dedication'' issues then we are fools. Something else is going on and it's not what we are being told.
  8. Fact is, and I hate to say it, T-ara will most likely disband. Group changes, member bust-ups and reputation taking a massive hit is too much for the group to handle. What I fear for now is the community of this forum. I hope we all don't scatter and forget about this site.
  9. T-ara are 9 angels !! 지금은 티아라 Right Now It's T-ara
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