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  1. I noticed the same thing about the eyeliner too. Thanks for the upload! The camera work for this performance wasn't very nice though...
  2. Looks interesting, I'll be waiting for the subs~ Eunjung seems to be recovering well, though I do agree that she shouldn't be moving around too much. We don't want things to get worse, do we?
  3. The stage feels kinda empty during the encore... But on the bright side, more screen time for Hwayoung, Boram and Qri!
  4. Third pic, person on the left is Hyoyoung right? She exudes such a manly vibe~ The kickass kind.
  5. So is this considered the fourth one? Or is this a random project which the Co-Ed guys decided to do?
  6. Thanks for sharing. This picture is kinda funny in a nice way.
  7. Agreed. I do hope they get their win, but I think the additional schedule might be too much for them, even if it is for a good cause.
  8. I wanna see! Guess they're not going to get their ten days break so soon. CCM you troll!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Another We Were In Love performance, another chance to see Hwayoung rap! On a side note, the camera works for Lovey Dovey was awful. The way it kept jumping around...
  10. I think they were @ another music program, Music on Top. They had another stage there on the same day.
  11. Doesn't that mean they need to allocate more time for travelling? And that would lead to lesser time for rest? Still, it's an interesting promise and I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Why was Jiyeon staring so fiercely @ 2:09?
  13. An MV? So all that news about Hyomin being in WGM with that guy is false then?
  14. I find the video kinda funny. A catchy and upbeat song with zombies?!
  15. Really? I didn't know that. Thanks for highlighting it to me.
  16. Boram looked so cute in here! Gosh! There's just something adorable about her when she shuffles. And she had more parts too! Wonder why that changed.
  17. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that the album comes along with some goodies. But the design of the cards...
  18. Driving with a cup of drink? That's so Initial D.
  19. I thought there is supposed to be eight tracks in the album? By the way, can you share with us what does the album come with?
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