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    -Dolphin reacted to klee95 in [12.04.06] T-ara to promote as 9 members beginning in July   
    This is some ridiculous reasoning; how exactly does adding members stop them from "becoming lazy?" And how are they lazy, has anyone seen their freaking schedule lately?
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    -Dolphin got a reaction from winnieBG in [12.02.05] Video - KBS Gag Concert - T-ara Eunjung cut   
    Looks interesting, I'll be waiting for the subs~ Eunjung seems to be recovering well, though I do agree that she shouldn't be moving around too much. We don't want things to get worse, do we?
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    -Dolphin reacted to ParkYeonSisters in [12.02.05] Video - KBS Gag Concert - T-ara Eunjung cut   
    Thanks for sharing the vid. Saw this last night and it was bittersweet watching this.
    I hate the fact that Eunjung works in this kind of condition, her injury has barely healed, she's wearing bandage and using crutches and yet she had to appear in Gag Concert as a guest. I understand that she loves her work, and yes we do miss her but I think it's still a bit early to be pushing herself with these appearances.
    On the other side, this was really really funny even without english subs. I kept on thinking how hard it is to carry a straight face when the situation and people around you is very funny. Hat's off to Eunjung, she's a really good actress. The "call from Taecyeon" is the funniest.
    Saw the BTS as well, and she seems to enjoying herself anyway.
    Eunjung fighting!
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    -Dolphin reacted to Collar McPoppins in [12.01.25] T-ara's Qri turns down offer to star in "Rhythm and Police"   
    ok im sorry. but im going to rant here.
    Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung take acting roles and it ALWAYS interferes with their schedules. one of those 3 are always missing from a performance. 70% of the time when t-ara performs they are usually performing 6/7 members (or 5/6 before hwayoung). and during these times 2 of them were the leader.
    now Qri gets offered a nice role, and she doesnt do it because it will "interfere" with her schedule? WHAT SCHEDULE?
    the same ones hyomin and eunjung skip out on all the time?
    and hyomin and eunjung are members of t-ara who actually sing more than one line. it's not liek Qri missing a few promotions would make that big of a difference. maybe she would get more lines if she was given her own chance to shine and be seen outside t-ara in a new light.
    she gets a chance to get some solo promotions and she doesnt take it because she cant miss her stage performances where she will say the intro line to a song and then stand in the background with boram while soyeon jiyeon and hwayoung do the rest. (hyomin and eunjung wil be off filming their own dramas.)
    i am angered by this choice and i think qri should have taken the role.
    CCM get your managing skills together.
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    -Dolphin got a reaction from LordNoodles in [PICS] Jiyeon for Hi-Mart (01/25)   
    Thanks for sharing. This picture is kinda funny in a nice way.
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    -Dolphin got a reaction from onechibi in [PICS] Jiyeon for Hi-Mart (01/25)   
    Thanks for sharing. This picture is kinda funny in a nice way.
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    -Dolphin reacted to imkeiko in [12.01.25] T-ara makes a second promise, "Only if we can win Triple Crown"   
    But...they already have no time for themselves! They sleep only 2 hours per day and now they're gonna sacrifice the 2 hours to do voluntary work? Am I the only one who's not very happy at this news? If that is so I kinda don't want them to win D: They deserve to rest.
    As badly as I want them to get the wins that they deserve, I don't want them to overwork themselves with more schedules!
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    -Dolphin reacted to -Delmin in [12.01.10] Notes - Jiyeon's , Soyeon's and Hyomin's New Year Messages   
    Ohhhhh! Thanks Jiyeon, Soyeonnie and Hyominnie! Thank you all for always putting effort in all that you do. It is deeply appreciated! Tho, this might not go to you beautiful ladies personally, still.. I wanna write it!
    To Jiyeon, tho you're having your dream high 2 filming(which will be tired tgt with lovey dovey pract and stages,) you mv fail to do your best on stage. Thank you for that! Showig your absolute to diadems! Thank you! You too! Have a happy new year!
    To Soyeonnie, heheh! Thanks for the awesome message! I believe Soyeons and the other fans will support you all the way as T-'s new leader! No doubt about that! It's great to hear you ladies always want to do awesome things to your family members( fans ) and even if the plan kinda flopped. You ladies still didn't stop trying, and intend to try till the end of your voices! Thank you do much for that! I may not be the best fan. But I will be the best I can be! And the fan of T-ARA!( I believe everyone on diadem forum agree with me too!
    You toon HWAITING! I awaits your awesome leading to the group to many many successes! However! You don't need todo so much to impress us! You alone is like a gem to us! I have such awesome time hearing you sing! No doubt, I love you Soyeon!
    To Hyominnie, yes yes! A reply! Tho idk if you would receive it. :/ but anyways! Thank you do much for an awesome job as the previous leader! You really did a good job! Well! You nv to impress me in all that you've done so far! Always being pretty. And even when you do silly things. You still look pretty and awesome. You have nv stop putting a smile on my faces whenever you're mentioned by anyone. Started from IY(청춘불패) I have always wanted to speak to you in person. I grown to like you so much as a fan of T-ara and you. I have learnt so much about kpop, (my desktop is full of your pictures! Also my avatar and signature of diadem forum too!) .. Any-o-how, and what you said and did us really meaningful! Not a joke! You're really cute and pretty. No doubt. You yourself is alrd 대박! I love you Hyominnie! Take extremely good care of yourself! Also!~ your fellow members! T-ara HWAITING! Looking forward for the new year as I can see you more again on stages! ㅋㅋ, thanks again! Hahah, feel great with you're around! 당신을 사랑합니다!
    Also to te rest of the members! Stay healthy and awesomely pretty. I love all of you just as simple as 123. It's pure in surface, but complicated inside. T-ARA FOREVER! Saranghae!
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