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  1. if she was having a hard time to fit in, it would be even harder to fit in now considering that the media has now blown everything out of proportion.... hopefully its just a stunt to focus everyone's attention on T-ara n not other group.
  2. As long as they still promote their albums, i'm still buying. be it 6,7,8 or 9 people.
  3. let's just hope its a publicity stunt to gather the attention of the public.
  4. It will be good if she really can be cast in a variety show like invincible youth. That way can train up variety skill and open up more.... Maybe they can add her in now. haha.
  5. It is an awesome and extravagant short film rather than a simple MV. But an even greater idea would be to allow all members to be in it....
  6. Its on a tuesday... School day T_T... When will it be Singapore's turn????
  7. I'm sort of able to understand the 'underlying plot' as to why he wants Dani in... Dani was staying in LA so i suppose her English must be good. KKS might be trying to use her as a tool to market T-ara in the western countries, after all it would be easier to enter the western market if they do have a fluent english speaker. Then again, T-ara already have fans in many parts of the world other than in Asia. it is still ridiculous on the way she was 'discovered'.
  8. why bother bringing them to the top when you are just going to push them down.... even if he doesn't care how the fans feel about it, at the very least spare some thoughts for the group who have been working so hard in your company to bring it to where it is now.
  9. in the beginning of the year they stated that they will not add a 8th member to the group due to the speculation from 'Global Super Idol' (GSI)..... hope they don't go back on their words....
  10. hoping the "potential shift in member" remains as a "potential" and will never ever happen!
  11. YEAH! another reason to travel to japan now.... Hope they expand to other countries as well.
  12. Awesome! Hard work with recognition provides the energy to excel even more.
  13. when will this be shown on kbs world? i'm dying to watch....
  14. so... they only got married for 3 days and its over? Will there be a continuation?
  15. T-ara members are all multi-talented... i takes more than just looking pretty to survive in this industry.
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