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  1. Omg I love the close-ups (first pic) they all look so beautiful and fresh. My bbs..
  2. Perfect goddess Qri is back again with her gorgeous green hair. I just love these.
  3. Wow so good quality! Thanks a million times for sharing these.
  4. Omg some stupid reporter made my Hyomin cry... T__T I love how brightly she still smiled after all the bad things that happened. Hyomin fighting!
  5. nothing happened, nothing has changed

  6. Drowning in an ocean of T-ARA.

  7. Drowning in an ocean of T-ARA.

  8. 안영민 & 소연 - 널 위해 부르는 노래

  9. F*ck to the yeah. This is the moment I've been waiting for. But.. I still like citrines/queens T-T;; All of those fanclub name suggestions sound so weird omg.
  10. You know, the cake is so damn awesome asdfghjllk;;;; Very creative, has both of the twins there. Sigh Hwayoung looks so happy.. Such a lovable girl. GAHHH she made me smile so sincerely
  11. ''Italy good!'' Haha, totally cute^^;; And thank you for translation over there!
  12. I hope she doesn't take it too hard. Of course it's very sad and all but.. she shouldn't blame herself >//< But reading these comments above.. Isn't it weird that Eunjung has such a big amount of money to carry herself? They should separate the cash and not to give all the responsibility to Eunjung. Hella weird.
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