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  1. There aren't even demanding the truth, they're just demanding a confirmation to their accusations. They would never acknowledge what our girls say unless it's something like "Yeah we bullied Hwayoung" They will only believe what they want, which is pathetic.
  2. The ignorance of those who bash T-ara are ridiculous. They demand the truth, yet they deny the truth Their blindness are just ironic.
  3. Watched the comeback performance, surprised at how well Areum raps AND sings high pitch.
  4. Frankly speaking, She looks just like Dani IMO, average looking. 7-ara forever.
  5. KKS, get a brain ffs... Position of Maknae hijacked. And addition of 2 members, it unintentionally gives some people you're trying to copy or create another SNSD. T-ara is T-ara, and forever will be 7-ara.
  6. Why does CCM sound more and more brainless to me with each article i read =/
  7. Lol seriously imo, they focus too much on Soyeon when it comes to vocals and too much on Jiyeon when it comes to MVs. Just balance it out and it will be fine, adding 2 members will definitely decrease T-ara's popularity due to unhappy fans. And don't you dare replace any members ffs, it will suck real bad if any of them is missing.
  8. The MV was well shot! I get goosebumps when i watch it, like at the part where Jiyeon reveals her identity with the hand sign, and also the touching ending T_T.
  9. Haha looks like the wrong-hand incident caused much unsatisfaction =X
  10. it'll feel so weird n out of place =( 7 if enough!
  11. allkpop seems to be biased against T-ara. they didnt even update much about their news during their cry cry release.
  12. Woohoo Diadems get ready for another all-kill =D T-ara Daebakkkkk!!
  13. Does anybody have the translations for their dialogs? =( i wanna know what they're talking about! T-ARA HWAITING!
  14. 2more days to lovey dovey's release =) finally the damn wait is gonna be over =D
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