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  1. Awww, it'll be a lovely and cute comeback with the little T-aras. I'm really looking forward to it. Not just because of the adorable kids, but because I wanna see T-ara themselves after so long. Can't wait to hear them!
  2. Wow! This shows how popular Sexy Love has already become. I'm so happy for T-ara. They deserve to be given more fandom after such a long month of sadness. Great job, girls! The song is addicting~
  3. Most addictive teaser that I've ever watched! I cannot wait to see the whole MV. It's going to be awesome. I've been clicking the replay button a million times already.
  4. Replaying the teaser video over and over because Sexy Love is just too addicting.

  5. Qri's short green hair is daebaek! So cute!!

  6. I'm glad Qri helped with writing the letter. The other T-ara members would have had more of a difficulty writing it due to their involvement in the controversy. I hope she'll be able to remain strong and help T-ara get back on their feet. No matter what, true fans will always support them through all the hardships.
  7. It's really nice of them to write an apology letter publicly after what has happened. I hope everyone can understand that they're sorry for the conflict that has occurred. Even now, T-ara is thinking about Hwayoung. I'm sure they still care about her. T-ara & Hwayoung hwaiting!
  8. This is crazy! The protesters are being unreasonable! It's only a small cameo appearance! How can they be so rude? I feel the need to punch something right now D;
  9. After everything that's happened, being cut from her new drama, from WGM, from CFs, I'm sure Eunjung must be in a terribly depressed state. I hope that she'll regain her strength soon. The controversy has taken too much of an effect.
  10. I hope T-ara and Hwayoung will both have better futures. Hwaiting!

  11. Can't wait to hear Day by Day. It will surely be a hit!

  12. I haven't seen the leaked video, so I will wait patiently for the actual music video. I cannot wait!! xD I'm sure the dancing and the singing will be impressive and catchy, like always, coming from T-ara. I'm so impressed that T-ara has become so famous that Beyonce's choreographer has decided to make a dance for them! T-ara hwaiting! ^^
  13. Although I'd rather stick with 7-ara, adding 2 new members seem fine now, if their vocals are going to make T-ara even stronger. So I hope these 2 new members can prove to be good news!
  14. I cannot wait to get the album! xD I'm so glad that T-ara s doing so well in Japan. Even though the free concert is nowhere close to where I live, I'm excited. Hopefully lots of people will buy the album to experience a FREE concert!
  15. Yay! I'm going to pre-order mine soon! ^^ Go girls! I'm getting the Sapphire edition because...Diamond is too expensive for me... T.T I wish that i could get Diamond. But money isn't in favor of me. Ahaha.
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