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  1. Ah poor Eunjung. I hope she finds comfort and takes this time for some relaxation as well. I'm sure a better opportunity will arise in the future and she'll come out strong again.
  2. I think this needs a couple of days for people to cool their heads. KKS should've thought this through with all the ramifications that could be applied. Obviously, he didn't and I think that is what most people are upset about. Give it a couple of days and let the story unfold better. Man, what a mess . . .
  3. Chaos . . . absolutely chaotic

  4. I think this situation is getting blown out of proportions. If there's isn't a problem, I don't think you need to make an announcement to say you're making an announcement. Geez . . . Somethings you should let it die down.
  5. Looks as beautiful as ever, but is it just me or did her make-up artist missed a spot on her face. Her cheeks look a little off-coloured?
  6. Who's smart idea was it to add the flash in?!? And they approved this MV?!? Wow . . . .
  7. Just saw the performance. LOVE IT! I still think they should've promoted that song over "Day By Day" . . . meeehhhh
  8. Wooyoung x Hyomin . . . BFF! Uh . . . I mean, yay, T-ara! Areum! Lol, I wish there were more pics of Areum and I still can't comprehend the colour of Eunjung's hair . . .
  9. This doesn't make sense to me. Fees paid into club, which are accepted by who? T-ara? CCM? Site admin? It wouldn't make sense for T-ara to personally pay fans back out of their own personal savings, especially if the monies received aren't going to them personally. That would mean that someone else has profited, while T-ara is losing money. I hope this just a publicity stunt with false facts. I wouldn't want T-ara to pay anyone back if they aren't the true holders of said money.
  10. QRI UNNIE! When will they allow you to go back to this hair style and colour?!?! Seriously, the green/grey is so mad ugly. It breaks my heart every when I see your beautiful hair being damaged like that.
  11. I'm kind of impressed by Dani's expressions here. I know there weren't a lot, but I think she might have inherent actress abilities within her. I can't wait till the full MV drops. I'm kind of excited to see more of Dani.
  12. Oh, it's a bear . . . Well that made things clear because I've always thought it was a cat since the news broke of them endorsing this TTOMA thing. Awkward . . .
  13. Anyone know when this will air? I don't follow K-dramas a lot. I'm so excited! I havent seen Soyeon act before, but I hope she doesnt pull a Yuri (SNSD). Love Yuri, but girl . . . Ugh. Lol. And what happened to no acting in 2012. Oh CCM/ KKS . . . I will forgive your trolling just this once. *lowers pitchforks*
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