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  1. 7st.... hot trend sexy icon... zzzzzz...it's really weird. But i like the bottom pic.
  2. I hate KKS, but i wish KKS crush this little brat. This t-jinyo is crazy & annoying.
  3. It's normal reaction, you can't enjoy the concert if the situation is like this.
  4. Yeah hwayoung was on rehearsal, i think kbs world tweet that picture (hwayoung). But i really can't trust anyone right now ccm or hwayoung, so confusing.
  5. But the situation is already bad, all peoples hate t-ara now (except q-ri and ahreum ) But goodluck for eunjung.
  6. Is 'maknae' title really important for all of you who said jiyeon is the real maknae? it's really ridiculous you know... I really like jiyeon, not the 'maknae' title. Can you get my point?
  7. Go ahreum!! just ignore all the pathetic comments from ridiculous people out there. Do your best!! Keep on fighting!!
  8. Oh 3rd july it's too long, 20 minutes MV? it's t-ara signature i think, lol and Areuumm pleaseeee!!
  9. Let's just wait and see, and i hope she really have extraordinary talent (singing, public speaking, dancing, etc..)
  10. Woahh, Jonte is really cool !! lol but both songs are awesome!! 2ne1 vs t-ara vs wondergirls ?? gogogogo SLAY-ARA!!
  11. i really like the new girls group, my fav HaeIn, SooEun, JiHyun (so gorgeous..) But... qri looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! on this pic
  12. Woah it's not t-ara, it's the new girls group, i just find about 4-5 t-ara pics. But wow.. they are so gorgeous. And Jiyeon looks so pretty as always.
  13. I hope the new member can sing as good as davichi !! they must be beautiful (but not so beautiful like jiyeon/soyeon << both my fav) hehehehe..
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