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  1. love how eunjung and jiyeon are always together hahaha wish i had a sister/friend like that
  2. or maybe they're part of the new 7 member group that is going to europe with t-ara?
  3. http://news.nate.com.../20120406n19312 would you mind translating this article (or just summarizing main points??) it seems to be criticising the decision to add 2 members - i'm curious to know what media outlets think about KKS's decision
  4. is dispatch not a reliable news reporting site?
  5. http://news.nate.com.../20120406n19312 would you mind summarising/translating this article? it seems to be criticising the decision to add 2 members - i'm curious to know what media outlets think about KKS's decision... THANKS i wish i knew korean
  6. They should just give more lines to the others, especially eunjung.. Anyone who's listened to the first album will know eunjungs voice is not bad. But she hardly gets any lines now...especially when the rap is given to hwayoung now. same with hyomin (although she probably gets the most lines after soyeon). Just train the other members' vocals and let them develop instead of making them stand around while giving the new members (who btw have not worked in building up t-ara's popularity) all the lines and screen time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZUc_WT6vV4&feature=related
  7. http://global.mnet.com/news/newsdetail.m?searchNewsVO.news_id=201204061353_5221&nowPage=1 Read the official press release
  8. wow.... really want to know korean fans' response to this news... are korean fans angry at this decision??? i want to know if the fan response can be strong enough that KKS can retract his decision. i hope that it can.
  9. i'm speechless...why add 2 more members when t-ara was doing fine with 7....
  10. latest news seem to suggest that it is likely that t-ara will become 9 members??!! and that changes will be announced on the 6th instead of the 7th?? http://news.nate.com/view/20120405n11401
  11. [12.04.02] Video- Eunjung @ Making of KDB Daewoo Securities CF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_HiuA-Qrxs *** Cr: treedong @ YouTube
  12. they're leaving to europe on the 10th, and they will be revealing the concepts for the european shoot at the airport before they leave.
  13. lol eunjung's twitter picture really helped promote this CF hahaha
  14. oohhh so the hair was for this CF wonder what was said in the CF.... anyone care to elaborate?? haha how does the haircut fit into the commercial?
  15. haha when jiyeon was acting all crazy for the word 'club', eunjung guessed 'park ji yeon' HAHAHA hilarious
  16. cant wait to see them on youtube!! i hope my bias eunjung updates her twitter frequently too! (although she already does right now haha) hope that translations will come out quickly!!!
  17. read other translations that said that this seems like a backpacking trip through europe and there will be filming of a "Road Movie"
  18. haha sorry for bugging you: but does this piece of news say that the whole group are now going to europe because they want to stay together? thats great news for us fans t-ara is 7!! http://news.nate.com/view/20120322n11614
  19. are they going on vacation? or will they also be shooting for their comeback in june/july??
  20. there seems to be some latest news suggesting that the whole of t-ara are going to europe?? something about buying insurance for their trip to europe..
  21. wow, news just keep coming after their one week break! hopefully this means that t-ara are staying together!!!
  22. you should definitely write a piece on t-ara for allkpop! especially if korean agencies actually go through the articles on the website. the article reporting t-ara's possible member change was one of the most read/commented - i hope that korean agencies saw that and realised the uproar any member change will bring..haha and yes, i've read your blog too! love it!
  23. omg i hope this wont destroy the relationships between the girls. i've always loved how close they seemed to be...but this 'competition' idea might change that..
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