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  1. WHAT? so is he saying that there is a 'possibility' hanging over the girls at all times that they might be replaced? .... that doesnt make sense at all - they're so hardworking and humble - i dont see them being lazy or prideful at all...
  2. this would be an idea that fans would be open too!! let them have some individual time so that their talents can be showcased!! if they can pull it off, then it would really be daebak!!!
  3. thanks so much for your reply! i do hope that CCM will take into consideration what the fans think though - the majority would be opposed to a change in the number of members, no? and since i dont read korean, i guess there has been some confusion with this announcement: i've seen some translations that seem to imply that there will be a change in the members' concept while other translations seem to say that there will be changes in the number of members... which one is correct??
  4. just a question: is it possible for you to tell us what the general feedback from the korean fans/netizens are on the internet/discussion boards? perhaps this is a move by CCM to test the fans' reaction to a possible changes to t-ara's lineup... and they will realise what a bad idea this is!
  5. "major change in the member line-up" .......i'm speechless right now. why would they change the members when t-ara is starting to become more popular now? they would only lose fans if they do so. It is also really unfair to the existing members to have new members come in and share in t-ara's popularity they had no part in building, especially when the lines/airtime of existing members will be reduced. T-ara got to where they are because of their hard work - they should be allowed to enjoy the results of their efforts. it is also unfair when they are having concerts and new albums coming out in june/july - t-ara would have to adjust to new members and re-choreography their dances...
  6. eunjung has practically no solo lines in this...all the rapping given to hwayoung..and yet the video shows eunjung lipsyncing to hwayoung...WHY? same in the japanese version of roly poly...i think hyomin sings eunjung's lines give eunjung more lines!! i hope she gets more lines in their new album in july...what a waste of talent!!!
  7. i hope eunjung will stay on WGM!!! and hopefully they can last til their concert and WGM can film jangwoo supporting eunjung at the concert!!! (plus a surprise performance for jangwoo??? hahaha) all the other idol couples on WGM have these concert scenes, i wish woojung can have them too!!
  8. it talks about eunjung and jiyeon being the closest with each other cant really make out any details though because the picture is too blurry once i zoom in
  9. i think she will be going go but maybe a later flight? there was news earlier about how she cant attend her high school graduation because she will be in paris on the 9th for music bank.
  10. wow daebak!! is 1 billion won considered a large sum for a (i'm assuming one year) model contract?
  11. did the MC say that jiyeon told him that she's the closest with eunjung, or something along those lines? and what does eunjung say about insoo filming and her knee injury in the very beginning??
  12. did the MC say that jiyeon told him that she's the closest with eunjung, or something along those lines? and what does eunjung say about insoo filming and her knee injury in the very beginning??
  13. eunjung is always performing through her injuries!! hope she will recover fully... eunjung fighting!!
  14. nooooooo. eunjung is injured again just a few weeks after her ankle injury!! (( eunjung unnie i hope you recover soon! fighting!
  15. eunjung unnie is always falling!! she slipped on ice last christmas and attended dream high press conference in crutches, then she fell off a horse during queen insoo.. then again on at mbc gayo.....and now she's torn her knee ligament again hope she recovers soon, eunjung fighting!!
  16. congratulations!! so happy that eunjung is gaining greater recognition! hope she stays on WGM for a long time with jangwoo!!
  17. hope they will get triple crown!! too bad eunjung is injured if they won, i hope she gets to go on stage to speak even if she doesnt get to perform
  18. t-ara fighting!!! finally they get an official fanclub!! hope that they will be more and more successful!
  19. t-ara fighting!! hope they will rest up during their break in feb and come back bigger and stronger for the rest of the year!!
  20. can't wait for the dance and club version of the MV!! when will they be out?
  21. can't wait for their final two versions of the mv! dance and club. does anybody know when they will be out??
  22. noooo hope her knee will get better soonn and that she wont miss out too much on her activities!
  23. hope they will get a triple win!! and that even if eunjung can't perform because of her knee, she will still get to go on stage if they win!
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