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  1. the girls should be more careful especially the ''bullying'' issue that start the fire up last year because of the issue the girls should learn from their mistakes and turn their head before leaving footprints behind however i don't satisfy about the judgement from netizens why only soyeon get the blame? how about the rest??
  2. another surprise fact - dani does not appear in this album - or does she appear?? please correct me if i'm wrong
  3. both duo are new in MC industry...i hope they can perform well and throw away the awkwardness between them all the best girl and thanks to MBC for giving the chance for the girls to appear on tv
  4. hyomin's ideal type is unique i also want guy with spontaneous reaction and talks this kind of guy could break the ice of silent when we are first time meet give me high five, hyomin
  5. thank you so much V-Queens' because of your appearance at the airport our girls' spirit rise once again wow...salute to V-Queens' outside there you make T-ara feel welcoming to the country
  6. light heart . . . maybe eunjung also admit her own mistakes too trying to start the past with new day i think she also hope that we, queens', forgiving each other and stop bashing one another
  7. i'm going to buy all the version once my money is not the limit thank for sharing the photos kehehehe...as usual you're the best T-ara
  8. thank you for sharing the photos even though i'm from malaysia it really bad the place of the showcase is far away from my hometown thank t-ara for coming hope you enjoy your Choseok holiday that day
  9. apologize?? we need the truth reveal the truth then we'll completely forgive you do it in public call out all reporters e.g. newsen, naver and speak the truth bring along t-ara members during the conference and ask them to speak the truth too you're teaching these girls to become liar in front of community i really hope it comes from your heart yes, my Lord teach me to be forgiven hope this is the beginner for you to become good CEO in the future
  10. if and only if one of T-ara members step in front and speak the truth Wooram's dream can come true and it will be the full stop of all antis' activities outside there just..speak...the..truth...and clarify it... *speechless* i'm feel pity with this little girl that wish to perform with her sister
  11. i don't think anti's purpose is to tear t-ara apart they just want to know the truth wondering why KKS should be the one that explain all this controversies rather than t-ara members themselves they also want justice to be done if and only if Hwayoung had been bullied for 20 months already
  12. hwayoung!!not need to come back to that guy!! he's using you!! since more and more tickets are refund, people kept on leaving negative comments to his favourite trio - eunjung, hyomin and jiyeon, now he realize that you are important too don't come back to t-ara hwayoung. i don't want to be devil here but after all things that they had done... for the sake of your safety please don't come back to t-ara anymore, hwayoung...
  13. hahaha....i have no idea what will happened next. wonder what will happen to hyomin and soyeon's drama promotion... and i wonder what will happen to t-ara upcoming comeback this august... this is just the starter, everyone. just remember - this is only the beginning
  14. i think she is talking about her contract it should not yet been terminated but KKS told to the public that it already been terminated
  15. p/s nathaniel, you repeated the word 'impressive' twice for the second paragraph
  16. she cute..okay but my boram is cuter still can't accept this nine-members plan until now... let's listen and observe her talent first who know there will be chick among duckling
  17. KKS is getting insane!! for what purpose KKS adding more and more members in T-ara? and i could sense that by doing so the chance for old members in T-ara for being eliminated after this will getting higher please don't make it come true i don't know what exactly are you thinking, KKS how about those trainees in your company that had been trained for almost a decade?? why do you keep them, and store them without taking them out?? why don't you just keep the members ALONE??? and make new group like gang kiz owh i almost forgot, they'll going to be end like 5doll/seeya/coed school/ sg wannabe if you really want quality, FINE!!! here's the tip give 'shadow' members more lines to sing for the upcoming song expose ALL of them to variety show, CF, drama or MC any event AND NOT ONLY FOCUS ON ONE OR TWO MEMBERS ONLY JUZ BECAUSE THEY ARE THE APPLE OF YOUR EYES sorry to say but . . . i kind of sick looking the same members came as a guest in different variety show nowadays i don't want any single news entitled 'T-ara/ ex-T-ara members commit suicide because of depression' as what happened to ex-member of SG wannabe guess who's fault behind this news if none other than KKS
  18. my unnie!! what happened? after a long time since my last time visit this forum this is the first news i read i don't think it all because of stress or poor time for eat is it me or . . . i really hope i could see Boram again as the members even though they already become nine members
  19. man . . . *speechless* but accepting the offer when you're 14 is just make your life miserable she really consider the offer with wise in her head i could not imagine how she would gather around with the rest of members . . . especially Boram, Qri and Soyeon
  20. hyomin, you could replace CEO of CCM one day with your high potential nowadays fight for the right girl, i'm always support you
  21. this june is extreme packed for four of them CCM, you pabo can't you let those girls have a smooth schedule?? are u trying to kill them?!
  22. great plan...this is absolutely great T-ara should focus more on their promotional as well as their concert people nowadays 'realise' the existence of this group by more and more promotions this will attract more diadem fans outside there hope they not overexerted because of this new plan please CCM don't burden them too much
  23. are you talking about their solo concert? arghh!!! i wish i'm Korean citizen..i wish i could come to their concert hope their next album will be outrageous and more surprise - just like cry cry and funky town album
  24. congratulations hyomin and it is all of your hard work but don't forget the creation of SPEED members and Ryu twins
  25. another promotion? i mean what?! CCM!!! the girls needs rest you know that?? man....
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