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  1. DAEBAK!!!! This is really great. All thanks to Dani, it seems like she's the acting manager of her Unnies in US. I really wish there will be great results for them. And KKS please, don't make a mess this time.
  2. so what episode will this be? and when it will be going to air?
  3. sorry haters.. #7 is not bad...not bad at all. i guess the t-ara already made a strong bond with us (fans) that no matter what, we will stick together.
  4. OH MY GOD!!! finally!! I will be able to see them!! Upon reading the news, i can't anymore for next year!! You girls are very much welcome here in the Philippines.
  5. kqueens turned antis..lets see if you can stop them..you are only few compare to the numbers of international queens and kqueens who stand beside them.
  6. i'm so relieved..there are still people who doesn't judge t-ara based on what they saw and heard... thank god HL production team treated soyeon so well. thank god they are not threatened by the blackmails from stupids fans and assHoles sponsors. i love you Kim Hye Eun. I love you T-ara!!
  7. if they throw eunjung out, queens will not watch the drama. there are still queens who didn't turn their back on t-ara.they still have a lot of supporters.so why worry? f*ck those assholes...people might not buy their products not because of eunjung,it's because of the quality of their product.
  8. i'm so relieved when the networks didn't bought the anti-fans protest on taking out the members from the dramas. unlike what their endorsements did. i'm so excited to see the girls act again..
  9. i really don't understand their minds...they are not the boss of anyone...are (anti) fans dictators?...blackmailing (emotional) all companies of t-ara's advertisements,programs,dramas threatening them they won't buy the products and watch the show...what the hell! they are accusing the girls for being bullies but themselves are bullies too. these companies should they take their stand. mbc,kbs,sbs,tvn,mnet, etc..don't be afraid to show any t-ara on your programs, only a few will protest, but we are millions (including us, international fans) will stay to support them.
  10. i guess most of us want t-ara leave CCM. a company where they are "really" appreciated. well, i think damn CCM should focus on the girls singing and dancing skills rather than acting. more workshops for enhancement of their voices and dance. i'm not saying their bad, don't get me wrong please..
  11. "A lot of fans are worried and concern for the changes happening to T-ara, but our management knows very well what can happen if the changes aren't made. T-ara will be in a situation where there will be very intense competition, and we don't want to think that they'll not be able to grow" -- really know huh? i hope they really do know.. they're still mentioning that "lazy" thing.. don't give them a fully booked schedule everyday so that they won't complain. they're humans not machine. CCM should understand it's T-ARA who's making money for them. they deserve to be treated well, instead of complaining whatever attitude they've been saying about the girls. i believe the 2 new members will not have a hard time with the rest of the girls, but its the fans who will give them the hard time. that's for sure.
  12. 2011 was the best year for t-ara so far: sweeping all music charts with roly poly and cry cry achieving 1st in the oricon chart on the 1st day that no kpop artist had ever made. multiple endorsement and activities. --i was hoping for a greater BANG! this year. but what is this!! a total shocker!! future plans: an official fanclub a major 1st concert in june or july --does kks think we are still excited? he's a total joy killer! a US concert in april --what will happen to this event now? another postponement? does he think "new members" can cope with everything in a short period of time? pushing them hard to the point that member after member had to rushed to the hospitals due to over fatigue, illness, and injuries. but the girls had to continue their craft despite all these just to please their fans..jiyeon had to drop school due to her tight schedules. having a jam packed schedule everyday (their schedules are 2x more than snsd, kara, suju and 2pm-- i've seen it in an episode of rising star), not eating their meals on the right time, not having enough normal sleep, only giving them a small time of rest just now after 3 years. --tell me if this is what he called prideful and laziness.. over 30 years of experience? why is that he's not even in the top 5 CEOs in the indusrty? whatever he's doing,, he's making a mistake. isn't t-ara is the only popular artist in his agency who's giving him profitable income. if this revamp really happens, he should get ready to get BANKRUPT!!
  13. this is bul*sh*t !!! i'm starting to hate the CEO. we know it's hard to compete with other more established group, but replacing or adding more members are not the answer. it's innovation. why did you get a member who can't sing in the first place and take them out after they worked hard. damn it! i just started to like t-ara last nov of 2011 and now things like this are happening. even if it's not my fave member who's going to be replace, i don't think i can take that. even if they say it's not decided yet, since issues like this occurred, there's a high possibility that this could be done.
  14. ahh.. i'm so touch. these girls really have a big heart. one of the why i love them... hope they can sustain this attitude and carry it on thru the years.
  15. good for Japanese fans, they are going to witness this spectacular event. i'm so envious right now.
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