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  1. fighting Areum.. your time is still very big.. you just start the game.. ill wait for your next performance..
  2. wow thank you so much for uploading these soyeon pic. And there is areum too. Thx u.
  3. eng sub is nonsense in one night. This was only yesterday show. I already watch it at dylmtn. And download it bcz of areum.
  4. yeah eunjung is going to replace. Great news thx for sharing again. But if soyeon was not sick, ill hope that she can be invited by RM. The queen of variety.
  5. wah so boring. These guests again and again. I hope RM invite another guest. Many fans of the other idols are waiting too.
  6. her eyes her eyes.. yeah only her eyes got me loving you.. and her high heels is no joke..
  7. just wait for the day.. i like her voice.. at least she can manage her tone.. and she is pretty
  8. hope the concert gone well.. everything is okay.. i ll wait them in my country..
  9. milky skin.. oh my god she is so pretty with thhat sun glasses.. thanks for sharing
  10. so much cute.. banana polcadot.. her ponytail is cute too.. thanks for sharing..
  11. park so yeon so cute ahahah.. but where is luigi? the tall hwayoung must become luigi i think.. kkk
  12. lovey dovey is a fun song but they give a sad plot.. i just want they to put a same thing between music and a plot of the MV.
  13. that swords are scarier than them.. be careful not to hurt yourself.. that for sharing by the way
  14. i dont want to say but she is do pretty and talented.. so lucky to find her to be a part of the group.. she is the new centric in kpop i think..
  15. soyeon oh my god so cute.. all of them are so pretty.. this is like to see a beautiful barbie..
  16. whatever t-ara do i support.. at least the original 7 members are still there.. maybe KKS made a controversial but lets see..
  17. the badass MV ever in kpop history maybe.. that car and motorcycle are amazing.. yeah cant wait to see their comeback..
  18. ah boram so cute.. haha i like this boram picture.. and hyomin pig tail is cute too.. thanks for sharing
  19. yeah just like a combination for kang min kyun and hyomin.. so i think she is cute and have a nice vocal too..
  20. eunjung is at the back of the cover.. kkk just kidding.. yeah just realized that there is only six member..
  21. yeah rock man.. she got the baddassss hair ever.. i love this kind of hair.. just want to try another side of her..
  22. oh i hate drama. maybe she get another kissing scene.. lead actrees.. yes it must be atleast one kissing scene.. but forever support hyomin..
  23. wowow.. qri's hair is amazing.. hyomin has red hair.. jiyeon's white.. what a colorful hair.. thanks for sharing
  24. going trip without taking pictures are nothing... but if there are beautiful photographers like these, i want to be taken my photos everytime.. eunjung looks like a beautiful manga...
  25. wah its so scary for the other member who didnt get more lines.. i hope boram can always sing with showing her cuteness... but it will be more scarier if the two new members are Duo Davichi....????
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