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  1. Wow.. She looks so hot in these photos. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Niceee Jiyeon! Nichkhun and Yonghwa.. Gosh.. How many times is it already?
  3. Yeah I think this one is the proper Japanese version, CMIIW: Edit: wrong one, sorry.
  4. Waaaa Hyomin so pretty! lulz at the last pic, looks like the 'watch out, we're dealing with a badass over here' meme.
  5. I'm happy for their win... But, how come there are only 5 of them? Where's Jiyeon?
  6. Ahhhh Eunjung She should be resting.. People would understand that. BTW, what are they doing in this volunteer event?
  7. Whoaaaa couldn't agree more! Hyomin is so pretty here! Definitely a princess ^ ^
  8. The last pic.. Is it Eunjung after giving birth to that kid?
  9. If it wasn't for the title, I wouldn't recognize this girl here as Hyomin x) Looks so different and younger..
  10. Somehow Soyeon looks more mature here.. But it means she's growing up x)
  11. What's that ball on her cheek? Is it the mic? Anyway, she's gorgeous as always.
  12. I don't see Eunjung... WHERE IS SHE?! BTW what's the occasion?
  13. Soyeon and her ribbon bandana! Thank you s-park, BTW you have a typo there in your sig ^ ^ thoery instead of theory
  14. Aww why is the Roly Poly cut short And Lovey Dovey without the fanchant is just.. lacking x) Nevertheless, a really great performance by T-ara once again!
  15. The one paired up with Jaesuk (the one in front in the first picture) And yes, the one that caused the zombie outbreak.
  16. Teams: -Jaesuk & Im Soohyang -Jongkook & Go Ara -Ha-Ha & Jihyo -Sukjin & Kwangsoo -Gary & Hyomin This episode will be very interesting indeed ^ ^ Monday Couple love scandal!
  17. [PICS] Hyomin films with SBS Running Man (01/16) CREDIT : DC YJS + @leessangtown + allkpop + Arudo + tiaradiadem.com The other guests are Go Ara and Im Soohyang (the lovely lady in the Lovey Dovey Zombie ver. MV)
  18. Yaaaaay congratulations to the girls! I can't stop laughing because of Hyomin's "golden legs" hahahahaha
  19. Whoaaa it looks like a really great musical! Will we be able to watch it online?
  20. Is it just me or their shuffling during the chorus (the Uh Uh Uh Uh part of Lovey Dovey Dovey Uh Uh Uh Uh) is slightly reduced in term of range? They used to go backwards further.
  21. Thank you s-park! Yay Eunjung looks okay ^ ^ Somehow I think they're still 18-19 years old.. So youthful.
  22. Umm.. Where's Eunjung? Was she rested because of her injury?
  23. OMG.. A Goddess sent from heaven x) Thank you candy_floss!
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