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  1. RT @naeunarchives: so i might be in love https://t.co/oQQ3QlnbAS

  2. RT @sengii: มันจะมีคนที่แค่ส่งสายตาก็ดูเซ็กซี่แล้ว ฉันคือคนแบบนั้นค่ะ....พัคโชรง https://t.co/sWC3FjYH4p

  3. RT @sonaeunpics: https://t.co/7VrsipMyNj

  4. @biastal NoNoNo those korean tourists have to come here we got legal weed ??

  5. RT @sonaeunpics: https://t.co/RIP9RcLbhc

  6. @naeunsart I'm finally done with the chapter, but the word count is too much ??? https://t.co/7tZEQkbZjT

  7. RT @Apink_2011: [#초롱] 우리 판다들 ~~~ 다들 차 조심해서 오세요!! 밥도 든든히 먹구 오구요! 좋은 하루가 되길 기도할게요! 낼 만나요!! #Apink #에이핑크 #박초롱 https://t.co/M7O6QZXlam

  8. @biastal ? lmao but I was close that counts right ???

  9. @naeunsart Ah thats quite short ?

  10. RT @PetitePomme0210: 180324 KIA타이거즈 개막전 Part2 #에이핑크 #손나은(@Apinksne) #Apink #나은 #naeun https://t.co/Sk5KghpfZK

  11. RT @realchimmmy: Some ppl wanted subtitles for his video so here it is! It's pretty interesting video: Ex-kpop idol talks about his experi…

  12. RT @__6412: https://t.co/9FgSnsg6tK https://t.co/IVEm6JKZBM

  13. @kingbomi To remember there is only one kpop group in my kokoro and thats apinkeu ?? (notice what I did there?) ?

  14. @biastal I mean look at this damn ? no worries Bia I'm still loyal to Hayoung and Chorong ㅋㅋ https://t.co/bp1HeyQP5v

  15. RT @Juni_trans: Naeun Ability Test by @NANG_0210 Translation Part 1 https://t.co/Ry54Y0fdpE

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