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  1. Aaaaaaaaah! Kyupta! Even though I wish all the girls will be there, but this is just as amazing! Love you girls!
  2. The girls look so pretty and cute wearing those glasses! I can't eveenn~~~
  3. Brilliant. Daebak. Beautiful. Flawless These girls are just the best! Love you all!
  4. Aaaaah! neomu neomu neomu yeppeo! T-ARA hwaiting! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Aaaaah, all of them looks so beautiful! I'm just glad that the girls took the time to contribute to the society
  6. After watching Dream High 2, I'm so tempted to get its album! Now, I really even more tempted to get it! Thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks for sharing! This makes me want to shop at GMARKET even more!
  8. These are gorgeous! Truly! T-ara is definitely pretty, no doubt about it!
  9. They looked so tired but I'm sure they had fun! Hwaiting girls! Can't wait to see you on stage soon!
  10. Aaaaah! So cute with her lips! Hahahaha! Woooo wooooo! Loving the girls!
  11. Haha, the girls looking so chic and casual at the same time!
  12. Weeee! Definitely can't wait for this MV to come out!
  13. I'm so glad she has a wonderful time with the girls and to be showered with so many gifts by the fans and her loved ones, it's definitely a happy scene! Happy Belated Birthday, pretty one!
  14. I've already downloaded the apps after so long! And I just bought their songs! I hope more songs are coming their way! It's great!
  15. Everyone's looking good! I'm glad they're having a hella of time in Paris!
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