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  1. In the story, she told her suitors that she is ugly to challenge their resolve, but in the end zhuge liang is brave enough to face her and is rewarded with a pretty wife, so I don't think she is ugly in the beginning.
  2. OMG!!!!! BORAM THE AEGYO BIKER!!!!!! CUTENESS ON REAL STEEL!!!!! Damm that part is so cute!!!!!
  3. Even running man's kwang soo would not be that dumb to do this. I would rather he buy down the company then let that ***hole manager continue
  4. seriously, the fans will push all the blame to the manager who really needs to be replaced,the members are good why for change them??? this manager can relly sell ccm to me, i swear i will buy down the company one day to stop his irrational decisions.
  5. AWWW!!!!!! MY BORAM IS SO SMEXY!!!!!! Adorable face with sexy charisma. Glad that she is dressed in her favourite colour
  6. haix, still don't know what's boram's did she say anything at alll?
  7. DAMM, THEY ARE GOING TO PERFORM IN BUDOKAN!!!! THAT'S AN HONOUR!!!! I seriously happy that my favourite muscians will be performing in budokan!!! Hope that they have fun.
  8. SO CUTE ~!!!!!!!~ DAmm i already feel like melting! I have to agree that her height also play a part in making her cute... but it's her wish to become taller.
  9. BORAM SO PRETTY!!!!! damm i really want to ask her out, still looking as sweet as ever.
  10. BORAM AHHH???? Y U SO CUTE!!!!!! still looking damm innocent, but sensing the growth in her mind, even though her face still didn't change.
  11. they must be thinking too much, so so much that it affects everyone and it always turn out to be a waste of time
  12. So cool, nvr seen them live before. Really wanna see them before my eyes!!! Damm i should have like them earlier! (i'm from SG)
  13. BORAM WITH BANGS FOR THE WIN!!!! SO CUTE!!!! I really want to just go and see her!!!
  14. So cute when she speak chinese!!!!! Like the show!!! And i tot communicating with translator is with a human but lols, they use their phone translator.
  15. they really look very good together Jiyeon is underaged, i don think she will have that now.
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