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  1. that's a lot of lost money why where they bringin that much cash though.
  2. nice first pic, wish you had that on a bigger size.. still thanks for sharing ^ that gif in your sig
  3. wonderful pictures.. all were nice headliner jiyeon pic is the best!
  4. hmm concept is kinda cool, this will be great if they pull it off nicely
  5. looks like its freezing out there,, its good that they're doing it for the fans
  6. this set is nice couple of really good close ups and solo shots.. their costume is nice too why is hwayoung holding the water bottles though )
  7. a lot of nice pics! a lot of solos and close ups. thanks a lot for sharing these
  8. these pictures are great! too bad that watermark ruins it, ugh
  9. hope she recovers fast cant understand how this happened to her though
  10. hmm collar mcpoppins does have a point. i think the fans suffer from this too, instead of having the opportunity to see more of qri, they get nothing too bad
  11. hwayoung rocks a boy cut better than snsd's sunny ( yeah i said it , its true though, hehhee ) thanks for sharing these pics
  12. hyomin on running man at last! looking forward to this episode.. easy brothers gona go nuts again hahah
  13. nice pic of qri for tony moly , not perfectly proportioned though.. thanks for sharing
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