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  1. Wow, scientfic fiction I'm really excited with this MV, also their new image Yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Well, I wish I could be there, sommehow that day will be special to me. about "Tarathenas": the name is meaningful, but i prefer a short name that will be easy to call. P's: T-ara' handwriting is so nice
  3. I want to participate in this contest. It is interesting!!!!!!! But, can anyone tell me how and where I can join??
  4. Yesterday is Fri 13th. What a bad day!!! Eun Jung unnie, it's not fault at all!! The company should have someone always be side her when they know she carry much money. I wish the robber be caught. And I dont hope this will affect her enjoying the trip.
  5. Yes... There are still some people appriciate T-ara's talents. Not like KSS
  6. T-ara is so sweet!!! They tried to get closed with the fans Thai fans, you re so lucky!!
  7. Now, I am envying with Thai fans I wonder how many times they have seen T-ara coming to their country? Btw, I am looking forward to see their performances. It has been long time no see them on stage. I'm really miss
  8. T-ara, you have a "big heart" Not just only care about people, but also care about animal You make me proud of you to be your fan!!
  9. The news is useless When T-ara already done their promotion for this one
  10. Can't wait to see the runcert~~~~~~~~~~ T-ara hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i dont know whatever gonna be happen. The present t-ara be my love 4ever KSS, please dont do any replace or add more members!!!
  12. I dont know what KSS is expecting to do with T-ara. in my opinion, T-ara can be changed with color's music, concept. But not a good idea to change member inthe group, when they are receiving lots of love from their fans. This can be if KSS change the role, for example, giving more opportunity for Boram, Qri, or Hwa to perform. So that they can be popular as same as the others.
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