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  1. For God sake, I think the koreans are too sensitive on these kind of issues.......T-ara should not be treated like this.... maybe they should really just focus their activities oversea....so far we oversea fans still love them and never doubted or question them regarding the scandal issue...
  2. I hope T-ara can remake this song well, from what i see in the original version, they tune n tempo is similar to Roly Poly, dance steps are simple also....hope this will become another Roly Poly
  3. indeed the pretties group well I saw the show, Their MC style match well and funny
  4. Hurray!! Finally they are going to China, should have done that long time ago tough....hope China fans will treat them well and nice
  5. typical korean style of bitter romance....someone have to be sick or die at the end ..altho the face is pale, but still have eyeliner applied
  6. good! that means more and more people recognize T-ara/ hyomin ability and they are on par with other great artists as well
  7. did they announce how much they managed to collect??
  8. wonderful!! really colorful and catchy, hyomin blue, qri pink, jiyeon red, soyeon yellow, boram green and eunjung purple....the flow is nice n less shouting from fans make it really as if you are watching musical instead of their comeback
  9. ahem...the MV is nice, nice dressing n makeup with musical like storyline....but the song bit hard for me to digest....sudden change of tempo from slow, sad song into happy, catchy song is very unfamiliar for me.......
  10. The accessories and tattoo on them are awesome....but sorry to say the MV feel kinda meaningless......they should take scene at some endlessly long highway (with desert on both sides) at America instead of some grassland.......
  11. Guess the haters are too free to even mind our princess daily conversation......If any word, anything they do, eat, touch can be turn into a controversy, then they better lock themselves in their house when they are not singing......guess they have to 'learn' from my country's politicians on how to deny all these controversy
  12. Finally uri T-ara is recognise as one of the best girl group :) clap clap clap :) but why they are not nominated for digital album? I tot T-ara is queen of digital album??
  13. from other videos, I noticed that Soyeon carried a 'Marc by Marc jacobs' bag, I wonder is it one of the birthday present from Diadem (Ipad casing)?? and from the photo at Incheon airport, Hyomin is holding the Ipad casing
  14. Something is wrong wth korea's ppl mind...they always try to make simple things complicated....they think they can become the boss with those irresponsible comments on internet....comment everything in internet but keep silent in reality....n I really pity all the companies, which have to always standby to please the netizens.......I bet few days later M! countdown PD will get scared becoz of the backlash of netizens and cancel the performance of little T-ara really dissapointed with them....
  15. I think with T-ara + lil T-ara (14 ppl)...they will change their dance moves, mayb into cute-robot dance
  16. The great thing about our girls is they managed to create their own 'signature'/style in music where people can recognize it immediately no matter what kind of concept they are into...I really do hope things will get smooth from now on now T-ara have transformed into T-robocop, to vapourize all the antis!!!
  17. I really do hope KEMA can help eunjung....for what they had done to her...she should not return to the drama anymore even they want her back...who knows later the director will bully her again in the future.....any1 please kindly update the rating of five fingers in the future....tq
  18. This kind of case happened before to other actress as well....especially when the production team find out that particular actress can no longer benefits their show......in the past...some actress even get abandoned just like that on the filming spot......so this thing is not new anymore...korea entertainment world is so wicked.....pretty at the outside but rotten inside.........sigh
  19. There must be a mastermind behind all these nonsense which want T-ara dead....
  20. Something is wrong with the korea's entertainment industry....speechless....the ripple effect of the T-ara issues start appearing now...i guess other members will be in similiar situation later.........
  21. I'm not so agree with what Rhys not Reese said....in my opinion...KKS should meet with the antis.....These antis are the one responsible in spreading all the false news about T-ara...and for me they are just merely enjoy getting all the attention and not finding out the truth....if KKS let them do as they please...then these guys will get more and more over and say KKS and T-ara not dare to meet them and they are definitely guilty or somesort of xxxx.....KKS have to explain well and tell no lies to them and release their conversation in public so that people will not believes in those rumors anymore.......
  22. Hwa will not joined back after all this problems....not based on whether she want or not, but because it's not the right thing to do...now we should love her as a solo artis...or maybe she will join another new group? T-ara will survive and they will get even stronger (i mean popularity) after this matter cools down.....now up until this point, there is no point to dig out whose fault anymore....a small misunderstanding had became a great unfortunate...so now we as fans should think n concern how Hwa and T-ara will regain their reputation.......previously there were many artists also suffered from rumors like this and most of them proved they are strong and made through it...and i believe T-ara will also be the same......same goes to the QUEENs....after this....those remain are the real loyal fans and a more strong fanbase will form......
  23. If we analyze the situation from a neutral point, IF Hwa really refused to perform at Music Bank suddenly without a good reason, it is normal that the company will be mad at her....imagine if you are Hwa and what your boss will think if you suddenly canceled the meeting with client at the last minutes....then later you can see that Hwa knows that she is going to be kick out and she released the rest of the tweets to make the situation complicated, in order to pull T-ara down together.....no matter she is intentionally or accidentally......start from the begining, after the first batch of tweets, the rest of the members knows that rumors had spread and further tweets will make situation worse and they choose to keep quite....even until the point now...they should remain silent....when the fire is still big...a little water is not enough to save the fire i guess........now we have to wait...wait until the people cool down bit and all the false news ended then only we can judge the situation more wisely........ (pls understd that I m not accusing Hwa but instead i just voice my opinion in more neutral way....try to imagine all of them are not T-ara but sumone we dun know, den maybe you can see the situation more clearly)
  24. The root of all evil....KKS Why the staff upset? becoz KKS pay them less and wan them to work like crazy.... Why Hwayoung upset? becoz KKS give too much pressure to her..... Why T-ara upset? becoz KKS keep on experimenting on them and give them too many works..... Why fans upset? becoz KKS keep on make announce and ruin T-ara........ I wonder how the other company's CEO look at KKS............
  25. This is the hard time for T-ara.....they have to hang on no matter what........really dissapointed with the people who cancelled their concert ticket....
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