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  1. Everyone...please STOP accusing Hwayoung or T-ara!!! The root of all the rumors are the misunderstanding of the tweets by the netizens....please continue support them if you are truly a fan.....as i know contract cannot be terminate immediately just like tat without compensation, so I believe Hwayoung already planned to leave T-ara some time ago...a lot of people asked why the rest did not show up to voice themselves..I believed that is because they are in an organization, you have to respect the majority decision of the organization and I believed the decision KKS made is with the consultation from many staffs and including the board of directors of CCM.
  2. The situation are getting more worse.....each time any of them updated their twitter, it's like adding oil to the fire.....I cant even bare to look at all the comments in other websites....it hurts :(
  3. What kind of stupid company that announced such a negative announcement right after their success in japan concert tour....... really speechless.... even if something does happened, CCM should solve it within their company and not to make it public lk tis....
  4. This time they r not going to have their own variety show????
  5. this is the last episode?? What happened during their concert rehearsal?? Eunjung is keeping the russian doll Jangwoo gave her, and her room is so neat ^^
  6. Boram's mom sure cooked a lot of yummy food for her...compared to 1st episode, all eunjimin ate in Hyomin's house were all vege....so now they are not living together, does it mean that the manager have to go to few places to pick up all of the girls everyday?? I hope they can get a new big house with many rooms and not small apartment
  7. I believe all of them are very close to each other, juz that Qri and Hwayoung seldom speak when in front of camera......
  8. nice performance!!! Hwayoung really shine this time both her voice n expression when rapping is flawless.....Boram's voice is really sweet in Day by Day....Areum is fine...good vocal n pretty....but Hyomin n Eunjung only get little lines this time......Black long hair Jiyeon is really pretty and give people a very deep impression.... However, some part of the cheoro in Day by Day seems weird... anyway, glad to see them come back
  9. Omo....is it accident or someone punched her in the face ??? Baby Dino! hwaiting!!
  10. 70 seems bit over....i wonder how the camera director gonna film it....btw, Qri n soyeon so pretty in white dress
  11. may I know what is the thing on jiyeon's head??
  12. somehow she looks tired in the pictures.....must have work very hard
  13. Omo~red hair n red glasses.....btw...are they going to change leader again?
  14. 6 versions are just awesome!! but where is eunjung?? The slow motion effect really killed me.....their outfits in Wildroses advertisement are very pretty also
  15. Voted!! Anyone know how much this online voting contribute to the overall score??
  16. KKS knows most of the QUEENs doesn't like Dani, so he keep on come out with these kind of stupid news, hope to regain some support from QUEENs......but obviously he is making some big mistake here....the more the news about Dani...the more people will dislike her....instead of Dani, why don't he spend some time to visit Boram in the hospital instead...........
  17. i really dunno what will happen to T-ara in the future.....but i will still follow the current 7 members no matter how they ended up
  18. Weird!! the whole thing is weird, KKS!!!! Please focus on the new Gangkidz instead of doing this to T-ara..... Somehow I feel pity for the 2 new members....they must be very awkward if they have chance to read these comments....
  19. Can international fans join this fan club??? I never joined 1 before but I do hope I can join T-ara's fan club^^
  20. Hyomin with new hairstyle!!! looks lk BEG's Narsha?! T-ara steal all the charms ,the new girl group ......
  21. sigh....KKS....cant you see most of the fans dun wan any changes to T-ara? with so many negative feedbacks, the 2 new members gonna suffer....
  22. If I not mistaken..the 10 days vacation promised is sometime after April.....if they go to Japan for 1 whole month...den how about WGM??? I will miss eunjung a lot then.............
  23. Hyomin <3 She shines on stage, like the last picture <3
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