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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures, you guys are daebak !!!! Eunjung is so beautiful !!! They are so sweetttt !!!!!!!! <@ <@
  2. Ahh...Cant wait for tommorow, It's been a long time cant see WGM >.< Although the preview has about 10s for WooJung couple but still laugh like crazy ) It seems that Eunjung's having fun with JangWoo's hat )
  3. Eunjung looks more and more feminine ) Because of Jang Woo, isnt it ? )
  4. Baby Dino is So cute <3 Maybe after taking photos, she can eat them, so look very happy and gogerous )
  5. I'm happy to see this, can see EunJung and Jiyeon more on the stage, and they can rest and sleep more >.< But, plz dont stop WGM T.T, I have waited for this for a long time, it can't be stopped right now :(
  6. without EunJung again Does she still film QueenInsoo right now ? anyway, hopefully she can rest for her leg be healed well .
  7. lol, Hokey Pokey again, sounds like a sport game =)) so, i think just a rumor looking forward to the new album very much <3
  8. Eun-ji moment in Making MV ,so cute ) . And Soyeon takes a broken mirror ) look funny lol..
  9. I think this is mistake of editors , they didnt edit MV very well >.< feel they only shoot and make the MV only 1 time :| see the mistake dance at 1:55, anyway so cute )
  10. Why EJ has less and less lines every song lately ? :"( And this MV i dont hear any EJ's voices, except the part in Teaser >.< Anyway, like the outfits in this MV very much ^^ especially EJ's with a bow :X
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