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  1. no vaction since debut? come on CCM give let them have their break already maybe 1-2 months instead of 10 days
  2. i really hope t-ara gets that triple crown, they deserve it so much for all their hard work over the years they should get more rest though even though its voluntary work...
  3. arghh cant wait for to watch dream high 2! i hope jiyeon gets a lot of air time
  4. wooo my bias hyomin on my favourite variety show ^^ the only way that it could be any better is if all of t-ara special guest on one ep like SNSD
  5. congratz to t-ara hopes theres more awards coming their way
  6. how cute >< soyeon made a couple of mistakes i wanna see some fancams of their acting now
  7. cant wait for dream high 2! jiyeon really stands out with that red top i hope she gets into a love line with somebody
  8. i wanna watch to >< they look like they are having fun
  9. wow soyeon and hyomin have a big schedule i hope they dont overwork themselves
  10. haha damn lucky ppl got to meet t-ara and get a free cd
  11. YES! a well deserved win for all their hard work and effort congratz t-ara!
  12. i was expecting to see some shuffling from jang woo well at least he tried to dance
  13. thanks for sharing t-ara's performances are just as great as always
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