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  1. ... I want to know the truth more than anything now. Kicking her out needs more justification especially with all the rumours.
  2. So disappointed in this, there is no reason to change a good thing...
  3. Disappointing... I think they are just making T-ara stop complaining about getting breaks, even though they deserve it!
  4. i hope they get the rest they deserved... the company should take more care with their stars
  5. i hope it gets released on one of those days, as long as its not postponed again ^^
  6. cant wait for this mv to come out ^^ thanks for sharing the pictures!
  7. oo the shoes are nice eunjung looks pretty as always
  8. thanks for sharing the gifs! esp like the ones with jiyeon's eyes
  9. hyomin looks divine in the dress, thanks for posting the pics ^^
  10. hopefully it will all be resolved in april, having visa issues is nothing new, been through that myself
  11. celebratory meals are awesome! hope the food was amazing! t-ara fighting!
  12. they are all cute in the school uniforms i think i have the same sony laptop too ^^
  13. hmm.. the making of video was interesting, wondering how the actual mv will play out
  14. They deserve the break! Good work on promoting their songs during the last half of 2011!
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