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  1. Wow Hyomin is really sexy here On the other hand, Dani..... not really....
  2. I don't like how Soyeon's lipstick are too red... Lol what is Jiyeon wearing? Anyways, awesome of them to be cheerleaders.
  3. Omg, my favourite member is Soyeon but I cant recognise her in the pics... Btw their dance teacher in the middle is kinda hot...
  4. IMO shes not THAT cute or pretty... barely average... Is she a good singer or entertainer? Idono...
  5. Beats headphone... Go for Razer lol. At this age, of course shes innocent... ~.~
  6. There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, so that when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could.

  7. I don't really understand why they do not just reveal all the members at the same time. Why reveal the 9th but not the 8th? Its not even a good suprise anyway. Im just trying to imagine T-ara on a variety show where everyone is at least 18 except for Dani, its gonna be awkward... And the fact that when Jiyeon was in high-school, she was so busy compared to others that have graduated, Im pretty sure Dani is gonna be worst since shes not even in high school yet.
  8. In my opinion shes not THAT pretty or cute... Too young. Call me whatever you want but Im not so sure this is a good choice. Singing is not about looks or age only, can you sing or dance? Well guess it is too early to decide...but im not gonna like this.
  9. I thought CCM said they were gonna reveal it ages ago? Jeez... the new members sounds pretty eff. Jiyeon is already young enough but to add someone younger... Does CCM not know to be a great singer requires not only talent and skills but also experience???
  10. iDiadem

    [PIC] T-ara

    This is a joke right... cause even I am older than this so called 'new member'. If it is, hehe good one KKS (NOT). If not, nnInn Do remind me again how she is suppose to be able to 'help' Soyeon in terms of vocal??? All i know is shes gonna receive heaps of hates which might cause her to drop out.
  11. Who is the girl in the pic? Looks like Soyeon but I'm not sure is it or not...
  12. Well i dono anything about this so called TTOMA, but regarding the pic... Woah wat is Jiyeon wearing...!
  13. Omg Jiyeon is so pretty in these pics. Don't like Soyeon's hat tho, doesnt look good on her. And thank you for posting the link to download this...
  14. So who is who... Can't tell... SA is a good game for passing time if you like guns or fps games. But its too lagg for me...
  15. Wow Eunjung has been quite busy lately, she seems to have joined alot of activities.
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