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  1. hate on them trolls on ice haters you can say whatever you likeee yeaaah~ T-ara is the luckiest group in korea that meet with huge hip hop star so far
  2. man, it's rude. sorry v-queens no offense. actually, nothing's wrong with showing how much they love t-ara but, it's just rude making them uncomfortable
  3. daebak!!!!!! this!!! t-ara gonna make it!!! wow the teaser is really good!!! now i am danee biased kkkk
  4. this comeback should beeat 2ne1 and snsd! look how serious kks for this comeback and everyone is anticipating for it. i hope it's time for t-ara to be HUGE
  5. how did IU and se7en catch up so quickly???? please queens and diadem keep voting!! we should at least pay for their hardwork and tight schedule
  6. Voted! if we just keep voting every day, this will go over really well T-ARA FIGHTING!
  7. hyomin is the current leader of t-ara right? wow she is really caring and considerate
  8. it looks like girlband is become more competitive these days. since they all need to entertain and attract people i think it's really possible that they look like friends in front of camera but enemies behind to keep the existance. don't get me wrong, im happy when they all friends. three of them are the best though :]
  9. awww i missed the video. it already removed..... anybody already keepvid it? :D
  10. LOL 'queen' and 'king' i feel so honoured but don't you guys think they should be the queen instead of us?
  11. when this really gonna happen?? if this happen, this forum won't out of order right? huu even i'm new here i'm kinda sad if this web is going to shut down
  12. AAA DAEBAK~ HYOMIN NOONA i think she's going to do it well even the boy is foreigner she will bring the warm and laughter i definitely cant wait for this show airing, please let me know guys
  13. GONG XI FA CAI wish you prosperity, good health, and good luck may the good fortune comes to you may all your hopes and dreams come true successful to get the #1 chart T-ARA HWAITINGGG
  14. LOL definitely! we should anticipate though. i hope this year they become more popular than SNSD you go girl!!!! xxx
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