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    rtyu reacted to bmt92513 in [13.05.16] T-ara meet T.I at Paramount Recording studios, known as the "Southern King of Hip-Hop"   
    T.I + T-ara = Tiara xD great combination
    Well done girls! Good luck
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    rtyu reacted to nathaniel in [13.05.18] T-ara, "We will return to America in June to work with Chris Brown!"   
    [13.05.18] T-ara, "We will return to America in June to work with Chris Brown!"

    T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum) left for America on the 12th after receiving a love call from Chris Brown, and on the 17th, they returned back to resume activities.

    When they returned, OBS "Unique Entertainment News" was there.

    At the airport, there were lots of fans and despite the long flight and being tired, T-ara N4 was smilining and express their thanks to fans and gave autographs. In particular, Hyomin's military-look airport style caught attention.

    Eunjung said, "This was my first time in the United States and I had more fun than I expected. Despite having a lot of things to do and waking up early, I had so much fun."

    Hyomin then happily said, "We had planned a fan meeting, but did not expect so many people to actually show up. We signed a few autographs. Then, I also got to meet Chris Brown and work with him and do recordings, which I think the outcome of it was good.

    Hyomin continued to say, "There are no concrete plans for May, but during June we will once again go to America."

    On the 15th, Core Contents Media's homepage was hacked. Eunjung's reaction to this was: "Actually, I didn't pay attention to it."
    Source: http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=712645
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    rtyu reacted to Emperor Ryu in [13.05.18] T-ara, "We will return to America in June to work with Chris Brown!"   
    I can't wait for the official press conference for more details. And yes, they are most definitely welcome to comeback to the U.S.
    As for working with Chris Brown, let's see how well they can make music together. Let us all hope it will come together very good.
    I just love that last part in the article.
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    rtyu reacted to cynt29 in [13.01.08] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Iris 2? Never offered any role"   
    LOL WTH ... first Sbs now Kbs.. those two broadcast stations, please stop using T-ara to repair your image after what you have done to them
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    rtyu reacted to critine in [12.07.28] Core Contents Media's CEO to make a very big announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th   
    I was waiting for someone to post this up.
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    rtyu got a reaction from Amal in [12.06.08] Poll - Vote for T-ara at the 2012 Mnet 20's Choice awards   
    if we just keep voting every day, this will go over really well
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