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    lemonfish235 reacted to cynt29 in [12.03.21] "Photographer" T-ara Hyomin persuades Eunjung to accompany her on European trip   
    this is so LOL
    hyomin so cute, i can imagine how she is begging at eunjung for 10 hours omoooo
    why don't she invite the other members instead of ej (since ej rejects her and hyo needs 10 hours to convince her)? this is prove hyomin loves ej so much ROFL
    and it tooks 10 hours for ej to accept it because she thinks she can't leave jiyeon alone
    so hard if you have two lovers lolololol
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    lemonfish235 got a reaction from cruzer1979 in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    Before the discussion end i will still a fan of T-ara , after the discussion IF seriously my Goddess Eunjung gonna leave , I will be Eunjung's fan instead of T-ara ! AND believe me ! T-ara will totally screwed up If they really wanna replacing member , even adding a member will be so different which they not T-ara anymore !
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