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  1. T-ara is so kind to their fans. I'm so proud to be one of them. T-ara Fighting!!
  2. I think she look more like krystal from F(x) for me. I'll wait and see anyway
  3. It's a relief that T-ara members line up doesn't change. I hope that's decision doesnt turn bad later. T-ara Fighting !!
  4. Wow, it's really awesome . I can't wait for they uploaded and subbed it. Thanks for sharing
  5. Wow, that's great.. I hope they are enjoying the vacation to Europe. Have Fun Girls!!
  6. That's confirm four of them possibly stay in T-ara.. I hope there are good news announce the three other will stay too. T-ara always seven !!
  7. That's good desicion. It's good to see all of members performing in the stage
  8. Seriously. It's really really stupid idea to replace any member of T-ara.
  9. Oh My God. Please don't remove any members. It's stupid idea
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