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  1. Currently eating strawberries. ^__^

  2. Just finished lunch! : D

  3. Aww, the girls look so lovely, especially Soyeon. : )
  4. Eek, their schedule must be super packed! >__< Well, I congratulate them for their release of their Japanese album. CCM and KKS, why don't you give T-ara any breaks?! Grr.
  5. Hello, everyone~! : )

  6. Currently reading Alex Perry's "Lifeblood." ^__^

  7. Don't know what to say about the two new members... : \

  8. How is everyone today? : )

  9. Has anyone heard Taetiseo's "Twinkle" release? I can't wait for the MV. : )

  10. I'm really glad that no one is going to be replaced, but frankly, I think that having additional members won't help improve T-ara's popularity (or whatever KKS thinks). Not only will T-ara (with nine members) be constantly be compared to SNSD / Girls' Generation, Diadems and SONEs will constantly be fighting about who's the best nine-members girl group. KKS, why can't you leave T-ara alone? They're already amazing as they are now...
  11. Finished with my instant noodles... nooo. t__t

  12. Carrots, nom nom nom.

  13. Currently at school waiting for STAR testing to end so I can go to Korean Club practice. ^__^

  14. Tastee Freez is so yummy... *u*

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