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    LurveJiyeon13 got a reaction from Zaza in [12.02.02] T-ara, "We hope to volunteer three more times this year"   
    it's so nice of them....
    nowadays, it's so hard to get someone famous to do charity work....
    way to go t-ara....
    we'll support you...
    t-ara hwaiting...
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    LurveJiyeon13 got a reaction from Sieg in [12.01.27] Hyomin to join the Chinese version of "We Got Married" with Fu Xinbo   
    hyomin... T.T
    how are they going to communicate with each other?
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    LurveJiyeon13 reacted to mischa in [12.02.24] Quick News - Top 30 on South Korea show K-POP female star's look   
    i don't like this ranking. all seven of the girls should be on this list
    so sad qri didn't make it
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    LurveJiyeon13 reacted to nathaniel in [12.01.20] T-ara beats Kim Kwangsoo and will establish official fanclub!   
    [12.01.20] T-ara beats Kim Kwangsoo and will establish official fan club!

    Following their high success already with "Lovey-Dovey", girl group T-ara has beaten the stubbornCore Contents Media CEO Kim Kwangsoo 30-year old decision of not creating fanclubs. Between T-ara and Kim Kwangsoo was a heated decision whether or not to form an official fanclub, but a final decision was reached recently.
    T-ara will establish an official fanclub this summer!
    T-ara has won #1 on the latest episode of KBS2TV "Music Bank" after not being able to grab the top spot since two years ago. Not only that, but T-ara has ranked #1 in "M!Countdown" and "Inkigayo", as well as being #1 in various music charts.
    In 1982, Kim Kwangsoo began as the manager of famous singer Gim Wanseon and soon help make Jo Sungmo's succesful career. Since then, never once has Kim Kwangsoo formed an official fanclub for a singer. With a popular singer, usually there is a fanclub that comes along as well, but not in T-ara's case.
    T-ara debuted in 2009 with "Lies". Several times, T-ara has told Kim Kwangsoo, "We really want an official fanclub!" But Kim Kwangsoo has resisted.
    After T-ara's consistent string of hits and being active constantly, the tables have turned against the stubborn Kim Kwangsoo.
    Followed by, "I thought T-ara would first have to become a group receiving interest worldwide and have a stronger backing, which is why there was no plans of establishing an official fanclub. Every opportunity that T-ara has, they would tell me how much they wanted an official fanclub."
    Kim said that after "Roly-Poly", "Cry Cry" and now "Lovey-Dovey", he feels as if T-ara is a really popular girl group. "For the first time in 30 years, I've been beaten by my artists and decided to create an official fanclub for T-ara."
    In addition he said, "Step by step, we'll begin to form the large fanclub that'll be ready by summer. T-ara members are still unaware that I made this decision of an official fanclub, so I hope it's a good holiday present for T-ara."
    Source: http://news.naver.co...&aid=0002122346
    Translated by: Nathaniel, maknaes. @ Diadem
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    LurveJiyeon13 got a reaction from onechibi in [12.01.19] Video - M!CD's Performance + Winning !   
    yes, their vote is low...they need our help..
    lets vote t-ara on mcd..
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    LurveJiyeon13 got a reaction from TSRHY5 in [12.01.15] Lee Jangwoo reveals he's upset with Jiyeon and Soyeon's remarks   
    i dont quite like the couple bcoz of jangwoo...he seems to like kissing with eunjung...his taking the show too seriously...
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