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  1. try deleting the cookies, or only the site ones. what he says ^
  2. Also Happy new year! God bless...!♡ Credit: Eunjung's Instagram @sweetgirlej
  3. Finally!!! ME too! I was wondering where did that footage went. Even started to think they went to Mongolia to just film inside a house...
  4. The first set o.O a darn cute Boram-pire! xD (sorry for the bad pun -.-) Who needs special effects make up when you can have fries as fangs u_u
  5. Everyone is focused on cutting the ribbon only. But Hyomin is like "KAMERA!", always aware.
  6. Everyone: Ok. Pose, bend you left leg! Boram: Nahh let's go with the right one
  7. I like the saxophone. "ring a ding" makes me laugh, don't know why xD Still sounds upbeat, seems like a song I'll enjoy. Waiting for it.
  8. I guess they are starting to feel the penalty that they earned for being such jerks, being unable to hire a large rooster of actors; guess they didn't thought it was going to be truly applied. Thinking that a simple "apologies" (that looks to me that is one of those with blank places for 'insert name here' and 'here'...) from their side will make everything alright. Hoping that with the kind words that Eunjung said a couple months ago about wanting to lift the penalty became truth after they recognized "error in judgment". But c'mon "error in judgment" sure there was, that or they just are the lowest vile of scum to use and throw away the hopes of an actor for a publicity stunt. But thinking there was just a "bad judgment" call, why did it take about half a year to realize that? I mean, being a 24/7, fast paced country for sure they were slow...
  9. Was it me or she got dizzy in the freestyle part of Mister? (between 2:30 - 2:40)
  10. Dat Keychain (edit: are those phone straps o.O (doesn't matter, just want them.(parenthesis inside parenthesis xP)))... I want them all, even though might never use them for what they are but, definitely want them. V_V
  11. Last 24 hrs had been really good. Qri twitted and now this! Thanks a lot gonna stick with 720p though =/ slow connection be damned ¬¬'
  12. She looks so cute in the upper left corner image! And that was a great gift from their unnies. Himnae!
  13. [12.09.27] T-ara individual Android apps The development company that created the T-ara official 3D app have started launching individual 3D apps for each of the members on September 26th for the android platform for Free! Taken from the google play store description: You can look for them in the google play store individually: TARA Official [bORAM 3D] https://play.google....nez.fviewborama TARA Official [AREUM 3D] https://play.google....nez.lviewareumaTARA Official [EUNJUNG 3D] https://play.google....z.fvieweunjungaTARA Official [sOYEON 3D] https://play.google....ez.fviewsoyeonaTARA Official [QRI 3D] https://play.google....hinez.fviewqriaHyomin https://play.google....ez.fviewhyomina Jiyeon https://play.google....ez.fviewjiyeona or reffer to the developers page on google play https://play.google....=SUNSHINEz Inc. where you'll have the list of the T-ara apps. At nearly 3:00pm KST, midnight on Central time GMT -6:00, only 5 apps have been launched(listed above), missing Jiyeon's and Hyomin's app; we should expect the last ones to be promptly launched (as when I looked them up there were only 4 apps available, around 5 hours ago). Heads up: in the reviews there seems to be some issues about the resolution, the size of the images not fitting in the device's screens. As well that after you download the app it will request to download additional information, meaning the photos.
  14. I don't seem to think of this(broadcast) as nothing else but a test drive. Truthfully I have only read the diadem news about this issue so the picture I have drawn might be small: The last couple of days the things have cooled down as the news changed from "Requesting T-ara to be cut out of shows, disbanded, etc..." to reports of KKS 'clarifying' the events with less ambiguous statements and even him apologizing (that was more business wise than actual feelings, but still, smart move); after the 'Hwayoung apologizing' part everything seemed to go from 10 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10 in the chaotic scale (this trying only to take in consideration the "official" reports, at least for the non-korean speakers), so this recording might have been allowed to be broadcasted to know where T-ara is standing after this crazy hell of a week (even though it might seem to be longer than that) About T-jinjo my comment will not be to look down on them in anyway, in a place like Korea the netizens seem to have a lot of power, and for them to get hundreds of thousands of people join their page/cause or whatever was no small feat; but the netizens are only strong, courageous and demanding as netizens, where and when they can remain anonymous because that way you can get away with almost anything. So I came with to think that when it came for them to actually show up as persons in real life all the mightiness that you nickname/username gives you it simply disappears. OR on the other hand as news (and the bulling evidence was countered) kept coming up their ideas and thoughts about the girls changed going back to good or at least neutral, that leaving only the true Anti's and or bully-believers as they haven't answered, yet, to KKS and arrange a meeting (as far as I know), sure everyone would like to know the whole truth and would be better to hear the girl's versions instead of the KKS version (a thousand times better) but hey that's a starting point. The only statement from KKS that I daresay to believe the most would be about Hwayoung's personality being "tough and somewhat manly" as, at least to me, she doesn't seem to fit the all girly pink and flowers model, she just doesn't give me that vibe; an outcast, maybe, bullied, doubtful (she could beat the crap out of anyone, everyone have to admit that if she wanted she could've been intimidating) but anyways... none of the possibilities can be excluded as even if we knew what happened on site we wouldn't know what was going through their minds. Maybe I wasted your time with my opinion, maybe I'll be agreed, disagreed or thorn apart; a last set of thoughts anyways: Sometimes jokes could go too far. Sometimes publicity stunts can backfire. Sometimes the truth is not meant for everyone. At the end all this is like ghosts and UFOs you chose what to believe and work your way around.
  15. Leader Hwang Jihyun said, "We though it would be great if we could pass, or even just reach T-ara's level. We'd like to become like T-ara, and T-ara, if we can compete in good faith with each other, we can both develop our skills better. In the future, we'd like to develop and grow like T-ara has and show a better appearance." ------ It just came to my mind what Da Vinci said (I googled it as had the idea but didn't knew the right way to quote it xD) "Poor is the master whose student does not surpass him" as T-ara is their seonbae and I guess somehow were mentored in the trip by them, of course they would want to be as them T-ara is the group they look up to. Although, yes for some persons would cause disconfort that, they are trying to surpass T-ara both groups would grow, one to try to get to their level, and the other taking a notch up to avoid it and remain as the best; As @LurveJiyeon13 states: as long as there is a clean hearted competition it will beneffit both. =)
  16. wooow nice to know it, i love it because is not the regular "happy ending" video. kind of a romantic tragedy, without the romance but still with the love
  17. her injury time its almost over but i hope that it was enough time for her recovery and can come back at a 100 % to give us a great performance
  18. took forever to load it with my bad connection but looked really good
  19. cant wait to see the japanese version vids ^^ too bad cant buy them, dunno how xD
  20. hope everything turns out well, and too bad about the ones that had to reschedule everything due to that. but believe their words if they say they will give a better show they definitely will
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