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  1. i love how T-ara does these kind of volunteering :3 Makes me happy because i never knew that celebrities and idols would actually use their extra time on this
  2. LOL i was going to say that ^ . That pose reminded me of JB when he did that very first audition thing against yoojin. ROFL!! I just realized that Jiyeon and Boram was sitting on a shopping cart while taking a picture on the 3rd picture .. cute
  3. WOOOO!!! FINALLY!! i have been waiting for this to happen to Jiyeon !
  4. seroiusly.. what the heck. Why does he need to add OR EVEN REPLACE members?! This group of 7 girls managed to get 1st place trophies. I just don't understand his logic. And seroiusly.. NO SINGING SKILLS? are you freaken kidding?! Every darn singer could not have become a singer if they never had the singing skills in the first place. When new singers step into this world, the questoin is not whether they have singing skills or not. The question is which singers sing better than others, which means that all singers can sing. Its just the matter of skill
  5. Woooo!! Thank you Mr. Manager for FINALLY giving T-ara their few days break! I hope the members have a super delighted and great time with their break.
  6. Jiyeon's singing is so amazing. I'm glad i have watched DH2. Because of DH2, i love her voice even more. It's so soothing
  7. LOLOLOL Oh jIyeon, you're having such a great time filming. I love the bts vid for ep 9.. so hilaroius with the orange and apple XD!
  8. Hahahah, just like majority of the commentors.. i noticed that Jiyeon hugged Hwayoung too.. I must say that they look cute together XD and seeing Hwayoung's face expression like that while being hugged by Jiyeon is interesting-looking
  9. tbh, i think the MVs were okay and a bit dull.. (because it was just black and white and gray mostly) But other than that the editing was pretty good. Congratz anyways !! I couldnt even tell who was hyoyoung and hywayoung T__T
  10. LoL i agree with andylbh and monkeyman XD In ep 1, my favorite part was when she was holding a sword. too cute , just makes you wanna pinch her cheeks
  11. err.. okay.. when i first read the article.. i'm already against the first sentence. quote: " It has been revealed that T-ara member Jiyeon (full name Park Jiyeon) looks completely different in the absence of eyeliner. " My reaction: She doesn't look THAT different. Why must they exaggerate?
  12. ahh im tempted to just watch ep 1 raw.. but since i cant undersatnd i hafta wait.. -sigh- ... i cant wait to see jiyeon act !! -excited-
  13. Whoaa!! so cute!! Jiyeon looks so beautiful and Soyeon looks cute hehe x3 ...
  14. Congratulations Jiyeon ^___^ I'm glad that you won! You always melt my heart with your cute/sexy/beautiful-ness
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