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  1. Oh... I am getting really nervous about this... I hope this will clear things up...
  2. Makes me so happy to see how many fans support hey have in Thailand!!
  3. Wow I didn't know Areum can dance like that! I wanna see her dance more often Hopefully they can get some rest and then come back stronger!!!
  4. Yay!!!! I hope to see them next year! Congrats to their successful showcase in HK
  5. ahhh part 2 was so cute!! Jiyeon took the teddy bear, got on her knees and gave it to Eunjung xD I just died.
  6. OMG those lucky people!! LOL I heard some cantonese accent in their korean xD "HYOMIN... LA!" (I speak canto)
  7. Well... can't say that they didn't expect this. As long as they stay cool and professional, it's all good It will get better!
  8. I've been waiting forever!!! I can't wait to watch their entire choreo! This I going to be exciting I wish them all them all the best! Come back strong!
  9. I admit I teared a bit. It doesn't help that I'm I'm the middle of work but I really needed to finish reading this. I know t-ara will come back stronger. I will support them even more from now on. I'm glad that they can learn from this... I wish them all the best. Can't wait to see them on stage again.
  10. Even thought I am extremely T-ara deprived. I will still wait for them... they will come back stronger than ever!
  11. Thank you sharing. Who better to share your sadness and happiness with? I'm sure their mothers are in pain too Stay strong!! Thank god I understood a bit of that Chinese subs. Looks like those horrible weekly Sunday Chinese lessons can be useful
  12. Seriously?? In that case, Eunjung shouldn't even go back... After what happened with the PD, it's best for her to not go back.... Instead, they should find her a new drama to appear in... A even better one. I am very disappointed.
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