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  1. Ok guys, so who's ready to fly to Korea with me to take care of her. Cuz I'm all ready!!!
  2. As long as she is ok, I am happy. Things don't seem like going well with T-ara Stay strong Soyeon!!
  3. My heart hurts just watching her cry... Stay strong Soyeon!!
  4. Is KKS taking advantage of this whole mess to show the media "how nice" he treats his artists?? Hwayoung be strong! T-ara FIGHTING!
  5. It hurts me to hear things like this that happened to Hwayoung. Again, the witnesses were all anonymous... I am tired of hearing stories from KKS and those so called "witnesses"... I want to hear it from the members themselves. I want this whole drama to end (so I can move on to the olympics mehihii)! I am still looking forward to their comeback...
  6. Same here... maybe... just maybe this whole deal of bullying was just a major publicity stunt.. Anyways... I just wish that everything will be back to what it was (even though it's hard)... but I hope that people will learn from this... I wish the girls all the best!
  7. It ridiculous how many of these ridiculous articles are popping out every where! But the part where he said he protect T-ara and Hwayoung... he might as well just say that he wanted to protect himself...
  8. THANK YOU! for clearing this up... stupid AKP posting random things just to get more hate towards T-ara... Honestly, this is whole thing is just a big mess...
  9. Honestly, there is a way better method to handle this situation... KKS is just not fit to be the CEO. Regardless who's fault it is, pointing fingers is just plain horrible. It's been a tough week for all of us, T-ara, and Hwayoung. It's not fair for Hwayoung and the original 6 who worked so hard until today. Even after all these announcement, it's not clearing anything up and it's causing even more trouble. All this happened during their 3rd year anniversary?? Seriously?! So... who's up for buying up T-ara and start a new? At least we will treat them better. This all ads up from the constant change up in the group and not having enough rests for each of the members. Heck, even if I miss a night of sleep, I feel like a grumpy old lady! I pray that everything will clear up soon... I was really looking forward to their upcoming Sexy Love comeback in August...
  10. I am speechless... She became my favorite member during DBD... Well... whatever the reason is... I will support Hwayoung all the way! Because I fell in love with her rapping skills! This is gonna be a tough week... I'll try not to cry >.< I will listen to "Don't Leave" until I fall asleep >.<
  11. If none of this scandal happened... I'd love to see them dance to Gangnam Style with the rest of the others and PSY This wasn't their best performance but I wish them all the best >.<
  12. This suspense is killing me! I just hope this whole issue was a misunderstanding and that CCM's PR screwed up! I have read other articles regarding T-ara's announcement and the things they write... is just plain horrible... Man... it's not easy being a Queen's eh? (I never regret it tho ) Whatever the reason is... I wish all the girls the best of luck. (I am praying that they all move to another, better company...)
  13. This is far from over... I read another article about Hyomin tweeting "There's a reason for everything". First thing I read after waking up... Too much drama for me. I'm gonna go back to sleep and hopefully this is just a bad dream I also read that Boram never followed hwayoung to begin with... Omg we need to stop making assumption and wait for the announcement that is slowly killin us >.< but then the announcement from KKS will not necessary unveil the truth on what is happening now...
  14. Omg... I don't like this feeling at all... "big announcement"?? It could be good... or very bad... I don't like the wait >.< STRESS!
  15. I love Eunjung with long hair!!! So beautiful... I am so watching this drama! Just for you Eunjung!
  16. They pulled off another great performance. Poor hyomin my heart jumped when I saw her fell but she got up quickly and caught up like a pro!! I hope she's ok... I saw Eunjung and Boram's worried looks T-ara fighting!!!!
  17. ewww ew ew ewww! Poor them LOL but that was hilarious to watch xD Eunjung can really resist haha Not much expressions from her :S
  18. I completely agree with you! I really love Kyle's choreography! Having him teach the members would be even better! I hope to see that someday Can't wait for Sexy Love!
  19. She can definitely do hip hop! Hopefully have a duet with Jungle Entertainment artists I can't wait till that day to happen! Hwayoung has become my new favorite member
  20. Hwayoung is growing on me hehehe She looks prettier every time I see her! And her live rap is just amazing. Not too fond of the choreography... but love the song. Hope to see Jiyeon in the next performance!
  21. Congrats!! So happy that I contributed to one of those albums hehehehe Let's hope they reach 100,000!
  22. Whoever giggled at the end sounded so cute hahaha So cute when they ran into the wrong directions hehehe
  23. Omg now this is even more exciting! I can't wait to watch their comeback!! I am so addicted to both of these songs. T-ara are full of surprises
  24. Saw the mv and I am loving it! (since I am a ff fan as well lol) Love the songs too! They deserve all this... especially seeing Jiyeon getting hurt Good luck T-ara and keep it up!
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