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  1. Busy busy... such hectic schedule. Please take care of your health. Fans are willing to wait longer for the comeback...
  2. Congratulations to them! This makes me extremely happy. They have been dominating the digital charts for a while Let's keep this up! (altho they should rest every once in a while...)
  3. Nice! I am sure she will do well... I am glad to see her join her other members in acting
  4. Ahh! Looking at the picture makes me even more excited! I am loving the concept since I am a final fantasy fan as well
  5. Hyomin's creativity is quite... unique? hahaha But it was a very nice drawing indeed Such a funny girl!
  6. I am excited to watch the video! I can't wait! I did not recognize Hyomin but she still looks good!
  7. Oh no I hope she gets well soon and join the rest of the members.. damn their hectic schedules!!
  8. I know! I have been wondering the same thing. I hope she's ok.
  9. I am happy that none of the members were removed from the group... I will keep supporting the 7 of them and I hope that the 14 year old girl is just a rumor.......
  10. Wow she is very involved in a lot of activities! I am so proud of her She has a bright future ahead of her.
  11. It's not her fault. If someone was targeting her then it's hard to avoid these situations. Also... Why was she carrying so much cash with her?? Shouldn't there be more people with her knowing that she carries 30K cash?? Poor Eunjung she shouldn't be paying out of her pocket tho.... I hope they will be extremely careful now in foreign countries... Dont cry Eunjung u did Ur best!
  12. hahaha Eunjung and Hyomin's fancam is the cutest... lots of kisses And Jiyeon is cute as always.
  13. Sad... I just started liking t are not too long ago and have yet to hear more from the other members. And here I won't have a chance to hear more from them because clearly they can't distribute line properly. I won't be surprise of next year he will add more members... But anyways, I wish the girls all the best!
  14. Well this is ridiculous lol and so late? Typical though... they are usual strict to this extent.
  15. That's awesome! I will totally subscribe to their channel What an interesting name for a trip; "Freedom" ... hint hint?
  16. Nice! So they are all going now... Even for work, a different environment will be good for them Have a safe trip T-ara!!
  17. They volunteer regardless of their heavily packed schedule. These girls are angels and deserve the best... So proud to be their fan
  18. That's too cute lol... Eunjung and Hyomin all alone without the other members hehehe Well I hope they will have a safe trip and gain lots of experience from this
  19. Congratulations to Hyomin! I am so happy for her! I am sure she will do her best as this chance doesn't come often to anyone. She is talented and smart. It looks like she'll be in a hectic schedule again... I wish her all the best ^___^
  20. I dont want to think about it anymore... these 7 members are what makes them T-ara... I don't understand his logic... it's hard to keep fans loyal like this (but I will keep supporting as long as they don't remove any members...) Can't we just change the CEO? LOLz
  21. Anything but removing members... I like things how they are now... I don't like the idea of adding or removing members. And his comments are too vague... can't even put a finger on it!
  22. I'm so happy for them! Congratulations to T-ara!! I hope they will continue to shine in Japan Keep supporting them!!
  23. Congrats to them for this outstanding achievement So happy for them and I hope that they will continue to do better in the upcoming years.
  24. I guess this is what happens to successful groups like T-ara Another singer's voice..... lol but I hope things can settle quickly! Bring CCM justice!
  25. OHH! Lucky people! Too bad for me >.< but this will be awesome!
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