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  1. I dont think the word "break" should even be used here anyways lol... I'm happy at least that they have dropped the drama part and focus on singing... Yay I can see them all on stage!
  2. Awesome performance!! They all look amazing! hehe Boram was dancing by herself
  3. LOL I didn't think this could work out but I think I'll like this hahaha He's speaking in Mandarin and she's speaking in Korean.... don't know how that is gonna work... but they are too cute!!
  4. I hope so too! They worked non stop and barely took any breaks... they are already so popular...
  5. I am so jealous right now... I have to go there on my trip to asia!!
  6. Just because they are idols, every little mistake they make can be a "huge" deal... but anyways, they will learn. I hope for the best for T-ara.
  7. Congratz to them! And good job to Hyomin But I still prefer the original Lovey Dovey
  8. I am so proud of them! They worked so hard... hopefully they can take a break I wish them all the best in the upcoming year. ... I finally got my lovey dovey album in the mail today! weeeee
  9. Seriously... what can't she do?? Such a talented person No wonder she is my favorite member LOL
  10. Thank you for the pics! I hope Eunjung's knee is ok... It's good to see her on stage again tho they all look gorgeous!
  11. This is going to be interesting! And I love that picture! I can't wait to watch this..
  12. Such good news!! Hopefully they will receive more contracts such as this and take the money to go on a vacation
  13. Gotta love their airport fashion And I love Jiyeon's shoes!!
  14. Ah I can't wait to watch this! I love running man! Hyomin in it makes it even better
  15. awww Hyomin looks pretty as always!! I can't wait to watch this
  16. I hope they will do well in Japan. And hopefully they will get some time off before this! I am worried about their health
  17. Poor Eunjung She should really stay home and get well soon... but I am very happy that she attended in her condition... Keep it up!!
  18. nice! I love how t-ara took over like 80% of the poster hehehe
  19. I've never watched Co-Ed before but since it's lovey dovey... Can't wait!!
  20. Ahh sisterly love Hwayoung needed it... I hope she is really ok. All the best to you!!!
  21. Happy new year!! I hope for the best in 2012 for T-ara. They definitely need a break. They've been working so hard!!
  22. This is awesome! Finally!! I am curious now as to what the name would be
  23. It's sad that they have to postpone their US concert >.< At least they can get some more rest now?
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