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  1. why are there so many pretty boys in korea but not in US... . its so hard finding a pretty boy here. lol
  2. i didnt know they they are close. lol. i mean im pretty sure if they are girls, one talk is good enough to become friends. lol.
  3. they way she has been putting up with it is amazing. she is an amazing person.
  4. thats cool. its always nice to be the first. it means more promotion and more revenue and profit for them
  5. i hope its true. AKP is making it sound as if they are getting a new member. i mean hwayoung is still pretty new to me.
  6. another hospital incident. they really need a rest. they need a break. they are all so thin and need to eat more. i hope they are healthy.. i mean dancing uses a lot of energy and strength. along with neverending schedules, they need a break.
  7. its sad that we all worry bout the incident but we as fans alway demand the most out of our idols. i mean idols are still human just like us. but its just that i think they work so much harder than us. they need a break. and diets arent helping them from staying away from the hospital
  8. and their dance isnt helping her ankle at all.. i hope she doesnt hurt it anymore than it is already.. ooo... hope they get a real rest.
  9. hopfully, its a holiday with relatives and rest!. they need a break. maybe its just a break for the promotions. im pretty sure individual schedules will still take place.. at least they have onething off their plate. they need a rest
  10. OMG. i was thinking i was gonna have to miss the concert cause i have a meeting today but then i guess i can wait until april. yay but that sucks for the ppl who already bought the tickets. its always like this. they all say they have "visa" problems....
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